Do You Have An Intimidating Personality? Here’s Why Others May Feel You Do.

Do people often remain silent around you after you speak?

It might be time to ask yourself if you come across as rather.. intimidating.

Here’s the top reasons why this might be the case.

  1. People might admire you to the point where they’re afraid of disappointing or
  2. You’re probably extremely honest, many people brag about being “honest” and not confusing stuff, but they usually come across as rude & inconsiderate. If you’re intimidating others with your honesty, it’s because you actually display a confident vibe.
  3. One of the reasons you’re such a good problem solver is that you don’t take no for an answer, and you’ll find it, no matter what, if you think there’s an answer to be found.

    This can be difficult to consider for others, and can take up a lot of your time. Many people will never understand why problems can not just “go away”.

  4. Above all else you don’t tolerate ignorant people. The worst is deliberate ignorance.

    Someone who knows better but chooses to believe the worst things that they hear without questioning for themselves merely solidifies their own dumbness. You don’t have time to do that and sometimes it makes you the outcast.

  5. You are not an arrogant person. You understand you don’t know absolutely everything. It is unlikely in such a complex world, after all. Rather, you are curious, ready to listen and learn. Wisdom is acquired in your eyes from all walks of life and somebody has something to tell still. With an open-mind you join every situation and are always looking for opportunities to develop. This can make people who are close to one another feel insecure.


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