Dog Was Purposely Starved To The Brink Of Death. What Happens Next Is A Miracle!

This is both an incredibly sad and an incredibly happy story. It is sad because of how it shows the sickness that exists in the world, making some lost souls capable of committing such abuse to other living beings. But it is also happy because it shows the tremendous beauty and care that can and does exist in the hearts of human beings, making us capable of restoring the life, love and joy in the hearts of other living beings.

When Angel was found and rescued from her abuser, she was on the brink of death with her organs shutting down due to extreme starvation. She then was brought to the beautiful people at Rescue From The Hart, where she was given urgent medical attention. Their consistent attention, love and care fuelled Angel with enough strength and will to recover, and what comes next is nothing short of amazing!
Watch Angel’s emotional recovery in the video below and don’t miss the ending! Oh, and bring a box of tissues.


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