Does He Ignore You? Here’s How He’s Teaching You How To live Without Him.

There’s an old saying that if you want a woman to be yours, just play hard to get. She’ll come a runnin’ behind you, and the more you treat her like dirt and in a way that you don’t care, the more she’ll want you and the more she’ll run behind you.

If you’ve got your eyes on someone, you may be tempted to put this advice to use. But remember, if you really want to be with her, you’re better off without playing this game. Infact, do the exact opposite and give that girl all the attention she needs and deserves. Why? It’s pretty simple if you give it a little thought.

Consider this, if you really really care for and love a girl, why would you ignore her. That’s the exact opposite of what your heart really wants you to do. How would you feel if a girl that you probably like, ignores you and treats you as if she doesn’t care? Obviously, at one point, you’ll just stop trying and want to move on.

There’s also another advice making rounds about how you shouldn’t be so upfront and open about how you feel, but then again, think over it. Why not? Honesty should play a key role in a relationship if you want it to be strong.

There may be reasons you may be inclined to doing any of these- you may be shy or scared of the initial approach, but remember, there’s also a saying- the truth will set you free.

In a relationship, it is always best to be truthful right from the beginning. This way, the connection between you and your partner will be even deeper, and you both will have a stronger relationship that is based on honesty and trust.

So guys, the next time you’re with her, give her all your attention. Put that cellphone away no matter how much you’re tempted to, and treat her with respect and listen to what she has to say. The girl that you want to be with has to feel wanted. She has to feel your presence and not just someone who is busy using their cellphone.

Follow this guys, and give her some time. If she’s in love with you too, it’ll be the start of an amazing new adventure.



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