Doctor’s Vaccine Cures AIDS/Cancer… Even Hollywood Actors Have Been Treated By Him

“For every disease there is an anti-disease organism capable of destroying it and restoring health.” – Dr. Chachoua

This is the principle on which Dr. Chachoua based his research. And apparently, he has developed “vaccines” containing organisms that have been proven to eradicate AIDS and cancer! After having his work stolen and swept under the rug, survived a car bomb attempt, and been repeatedly labeled as a quack and charlatan, Dr. Chachoua has finally been given some serious air time on HBO last night. While it is my belief that illness can be prevented and sometimes even healed by adopting a healthy diet and lifestyle, and that effective alternative natural treatments already exist for severe illnesses, this doctor’s claims sure got my attention. What do you think? Does this sound promising? Why would they give him credit on mainstream television now when he was ridiculed and silenced before? Will Big Pharma fight back or embrace this discovery? And if one day this cure becomes common practice, will the vaccines used be safe and exempt from harmful chemicals? So many questions… I guess I’ll just have to see what happens and hope for the best.


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