Everyone Who Suffers From High Functioning Anxiety Shares These Habits

Anxiety has a different impact on everyone- some people can be affected by it to a huge extent- so much so that it can hamper their ability to every carry out day to day activities and interact with others. Some others manage to cope with it well, but in turn, they develop some habits too as a result, that sort of allows them to function even when they are filled with anxiety and doubt. Such a case is called high functioning anxiety.

Here are some of the common habits that people with high functioning anxiety share.


Most of the time people around you won’t notice if you have high functioning anxiety. They may feel your weird habits are just one of your quirks, and they’ll just leave it there, simply because your face tells a different story.

Your heart may be beating super fast, but your face may look calm, and when someone adds to the huge pile of work you already have to finish on a tight deadline, you just smile and say okay, but inside, you just want to crawl under a table and hyperventilate. But you don’t do that. You manage.

And worst of all, it is always there. It is not like you put up the facade throughout the day and you can escape from it when you’re back home in the comfort zone. Your anxiety always manifests itself in different ways. Sometimes it is nausea, sometimes headaches, sometimes it is panic or sometimes worry.

You may fear it will consume you some day but the truth is, it is just a never ending battle between you and your head.

Irish exit.

You’re probably always the first one to leave a social gathering. You do love to have fun and be around friends, but sometimes, it just feels downright stressful. And then you leave suddenly without any warning too.


It may be in your best interest to slow down, but most of the time, you do the opposite and take on even more work than you can possibly handle because it distracts you well, and possibly because you don’t let people down. If it is not work, you’ll find another distraction to keep yourself preoccupied. You don’t trust your thoughts enough to be alone with it for too long.


You’re a sort of a people pleaser and just want to make everyone happy, so you go the extra mile and do whatever it takes to make friends and family around you happy. But, no matter how many accomplishments you have, you never can truly please yourself.

No mistakes.

You can be hard on yourself, much more than other people. You tend to beat yourself up all the time, and even on the smallest of mistakes. Take a break and remind yourself that you’re human and it is okay.


You’re a perfectionist at heart and always seem to follow success and unattainable perfection. This again, stems from your desire to please those around you, and it is a vicious cycle teamed up with the fact that you never are proud of your accomplishments.

Bad habits.

As a high functioning anxiety ridden person, you may have developed bad habits that have helped you cope- it may be picking at your skin or biting your nails or even plucking your hair. You may even Google things that you can do to help with anxiety, and you will do everything it takes to calm yourself down.

Little things.

You’re more prone to procrastinating things because even the small tasks seem really big for you to handle at time. This is particularly when it comes to interacting with people and making phone calls, sending out emails and replying to messages. All of these can trigger your anxiety.


You may at times also feel isolated and different from others due to the fears that you have. Your friends may not understand why you leave early from parties or why you have a hard time accepting a compliment.

Worst critic.

You’re most definitely your own worst critic. You give yourself a hard time, even when you hear phrase. You’re constantly unhappy with yourself, your work, your choices and your life in general.


You may constantly have thoughts of stress and self inadequacy. You may seem like the perfect normal person on the outside, and it may seem like you have your life together. But no matter how great your life looks to others, you’re constantly afraid of what and who you could lose.


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