Everything you have been told about LOVE is a Lie [Video]

Is everything we know about love based on the movies, facebook pictures, or what we read in a romance novel?  Is this delusion of falling into love and finding your other half even real or based on reality?

What if I said that everything you have been told about love in the media is a lie?  What if you had yet to see an actual healthy example of higher love that is free of attachments and focused on nurturing growth?

According to scientists love feels the same as cocaine.  Which means it is addictive.  This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t love, instead what we should do is to check our relationships and our motivations to see if we are pursuing the feeling or truly looking into the soul of that person that we are connected to.

When a relationship ends or doesn’t go as we planned then suddenly its like quitting drugs cold turkey.  It sends us into a bitter rage of hurt feelings and resentment.  When really what happened is that you weren’t solid to begin with.

Check out this video from Prince EA to hear more about how we have been lied to about love.

Lower love is what we have been spoon fed all of our lives and is centered in the lower chakras.  Sometimes it is based on physical passions, filling that void in our heart, or just wanting to be loved.

13cd1acAnd what is this thing we call hate?  Well, hate is actually caused when you loved someone but they didn’t do what you wanted them to do.  They didn’t fit your expectations and so you are now angry at them because of your own personal attachments.

Resentment is caused when you don’t love people for who they are and instead you love them for how they make you feel. The falsehood about this is that once you start to feel differently, or the honeymoon phase fades, then you realize that you aren’t happy.  That unhappiness ends up being blamed on the other person who wasn’t responsible for how you felt to begin with.

‘If only they would…X,Y,Z… then I would be happy.”

This statement alone gives away all your power and makes it impossible to heal yourself, the relationship, or reach higher levels of consciousness.

Remember these two very important rules of unhealthy relationships:

1. It is selfish and unfair to assume that one other person can satisfy all of our needs.

2. To assume you can fix someone or someone can fix you is just wrong.

self love body show love - urlWe have to mature to a place where we can accept ourselves and take care of our own emotional needs.  This is when we can step into the realms of higher love.

Its unfortunate that we even have to call it higher love because that is false.  It is actually true love but our definitions have been mislead for so long that we are left with having to call it higher love.  The love that comes from the heart chakra and not from your ego.

Higher Love is full of compassion, has no attachments, is judgement free, and is pure.  This love is found when you balance your own soul and find healthy ways to fill your own needs without becoming an subconscious energy vampire to everyone you meet.

be_honest_with_yourself_by_kobitate94-d59v68dYour level of transparency with yourself is so clear that you start shining with the light of your soul.  This is actually extremely attractive to other souls that have found their own light as well.  These other souls will share a gentle accepting love and respect for who you are.  Not you, nor they will be perfect at this point but you will interact in a peaceful way that makes it safe to be vulnerable.

When you are reflecting your true self you are outside of your ego where there is true passion, and there is no room for fear or anger, and possession is out of the question

Like Prince EA says that instead of falling into love you open your heart to the point where love falls into you.

Now if you choose to have a partner in life make sure that you two spend your time together freeing and empowering each other.  Where the relationship is a choice between two souls who find that they compliment each other.

Via augureye.blogspot.com
Via augureye.blogspot.com

A team with the theme of non-attachment and zero impulses to try and control each other.  Where instead you create a relationship of trust and you know that there will be endless transparency.

Freeing your partner is the same as freeing yourself.  So in the end you will actually be taking the cap off of your own personal growth and making it possible to soar higher than you thought was possible.

One of the most powerful reasons to decide to have people around you, even once you have found a balanced space of peace inside of your soul is because of the overwhelming power of synergy.  When multiple souls get together who have higher levels of awareness, self respect, and empower each other, magic happens.

Anything is possible from this space of higher love.  It is truly my wish that everyone on earth will experience this.

Thank you for reading.

SourcesPrince EA

Sat Yoga Institute 


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