Experience The Hallucinations Of A Schizophrenic Through Art

Schizophrenia is and terrible intense mental disorder that can have symptoms ranging from strange behavior to hearing voices and not knowing what is real or just in your head. This unforgiving mental disorder usually isn’t alone and is almost always accompanied by anxiety and depression.

Some people who suffer from this disorder have however managed to turn their problems into something less harmful and beautiful. The following pieces of artwork I will include were created by some very amazing strong people who suffer from schizophrenia. Some of these may be a little disturbing to some but these works of art have helped these people visualize the things going on in their minds.

Electricity Makes You Float – By Karen Blair

electricity makes you float

This one was done by an unknown artist suffering from schizophrenia who was trying to show what his nightmares looked like.

unknown night mare

This piece was found in an old asylum and its creator was said to be a very paranoid schizophrenic patient.

paranoid asylum

A nefarious depiction of the affliction by Eric Baumann.


The artist to this next one happens to suffer from a rare case of paranoid schizophrenia that causes him to have extreme visual hallucinations. He calls one of these visions ‘Wither’.


There are many talented artists out there who suffer from this disorder. The videos below will show much more artwork as well as a look into the lives of these strong people.


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