Have You Been Feeling Overwhelmed Lately? This May Be The Reason Why…


We’ve entered the second week of 2016, and so far, many different people have been voicing the same phenomena: a sense of overwhelming odds before them; myself included.

If you are reading this, I’m confident in assuming you have also been swept into this energy, sensing that, ‘something is in the air’ but unable to assess the true ethos of this enigma. In fact, I’m also confident in conveying information that may explain that this isn’t solely, ‘in your head’.

So breathe, take a step back, prepare a drink and let’s explore some intriguing information.

There Are Forces Affecting and Interacting With You – Everyday

In this previous article, I reference and detail several scientific studies, that depict the true malleability of reality and how we also fall into the same fundamentals. Since that article is almost 1,500 words, I highly recommend you reviewing it to see the ‘nitty gritty’ and breakdown of the information as to repeat it here would be unnecessary.

However, presenting the basic theme of the article is integral for the new information, which will tie this all together at the end of this post.

Astrology – the divination of the supposed influences of the stars and planets on human affairs and terrestrial events by their positions and aspects

– Merriam Webster Dictionary

Two years ago, a study conducted by Norwegian researchers on 8,600 different people who lived over the span of the years 1676 to 1878; established that those who were born at the time of solar minimums, lived five years longer than people who were born during a solar maximum. Researchers concluded that amino-acids being damaged during the heightened solar activity, shortened the peoples’ life-spans as opposed to those born during times of lower activity.

As shown in the definition above, astrology’s focal point is that celestial bodies have the ability to influence individuals. Keep this in mind as we move along.

It has been well-documented that Lunar activity affects the mental state of some people to the extent that the very term, ‘lunatic’, traces its origins to this odd effect. The difference between no moon and full-moon is so much, that some police departments increase patrols and activity during full-moons because the crime-rate also rises.

Image Source
Image Source

In 2012, the Aerospace Institute of the University of Stuttgart, Germany found that water retains information it receives from its surrounding environment. They created technology that enabled them to photograph the very ‘physical’ structure of water. 8 years prior to this in 2004, researchers observed how water imprints based upon the individual (or in this case, four individuals) who interact with it, as shown below.

We all have a unique frequency that water remembers:

Image Source
Image Source

In accordance to the theme, it comes as no surprise to me that these same researchers also discovered that our very own blood remembers the music we listen to:

Image <a href=

Your body is 50 to 70 percent water, so I understand the implications for these insights can be enormous, but for the sake of simplicity, I will only extrapolate this slightly.

What does this all mean?

Believe it or not, the Sun emits its own brilliant sound, and you can hear it below.

So, water has a memory, blood can remember music (which is frequency at its base-form) and of all things, our wonderful Star exhibits its own symphony, indeed, its very own sound.

Several years ago, Joe Martino of Collective-Evolution, participated in a Ted Talk presentation, and laid out some stunning material. Of said data, Joe shows massive correlation between revolutions, renaissances and other great shifts in human society, including evolution – all based upon the increased number of sun-spots. The more sun-spots, the higher activity the Sun is experiencing, and the more energy that’s exerted; the greater impact upon human consciousness.

Our Star has been playing a very critical role in the evolution and changes that humanity experiences on this planet; on levels and in ways never thought possible for many.

Head Full of Sunshine

Before New Year’s day, NOAA issued a G3 solar-storm warning, which is only reserved for strong storms. In fact, the Sun has been sending Earth moderate storms and solar flares since the beginning of the year 2016.

I invite you to analyze this information via a microcosm perspective.

Our race responds to heightened periods of solar activity, by manifesting renaissances, revolutions and more, so perhaps when we receive these intense energies (which can influence our electronics in various ways) even on a minor scale, we receive a minor-dose of this energy.

So in essence, shouldn’t we also receive a fractional effect of this same energy? An individual shift, that is so subtle; that many are unaware? What would the initial effects be exactly?

Well, I’m proposing that when we take-in excessive energy from the cosmos, we experience a sense of mental cloudiness, and from that, the feeling of being overwhelmed can take hold – if you’re unaware what’s taking place.

But, let’s also remember, that this is a natural process; a natural energy. Nature shows time and time again, that everything interconnects with everything else and a balance is always the end result of upheaval or movement of any kind.

Balance Is Key

At its base-form, this solar energy is also just that – energy. I feel that we all have the ability and choice to decide whether or not to utilize this power, or simply release it. Since we’ve all been receiving various doses of solar-storms throughout our entire lives, subconsciously we must know how to deal with them and utilize them.

If you would like to take that a bit further, here is a wonderful video, titled F*ck That: A Guided Meditation which is as humorous as it is grounding. Not necessarily your cup of tea? Well, clicking here will bring you to a post that features some of the best music for alleviating anxiety, increasing focus, relaxation and more… exclusively from video games!

I would also like to remind the reader, that this is my own perspective on this information, and I understand that some important factors may have been left out, and I may be incorrect about some details in this article.

My intention for this article, is to offer a totally new perspective, and hopefully give clarity to those who are seeking it. I hope that reading this gave you fresh insight, deep introspection and a new outlook, thank-you for reading.



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