Follow These Steps To Feel Your Chi And Direct Your Energy For Health

Beautiful woman doing qi gong tai chi exercise or reiki wearing professional, original Chinese clothes at gym

The word Chi can be used in both abstract and tangible terms. You can apply this work to general concepts as well as spiritual wonders.

What Is Chi?

Chi is believed to be present in everything but not distributed equally. Chi means energy and it is something that can move freely around the universe. It can take on many forms.

Chi circulates around the body much like blood and air. The practice of Martial Arts itself uses physical postures that are known to affect circulation and thus Chi. Chi itself has been associated with good posture.

What Is Chi Kung?

This is a set of exercises. Kung is a practice that when performed properly can improve one’s health. Chi Kung is not a theory or a belief. The video below will give you some basic examples of this workout.


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