Found! Tomb Hidden Underneath the Sphinx Containing the Giant Sarcophagus of the First God-King Osiris

Osiris, has been called on by many names: the God-King, lord of the dead, as well as god of the afterlife, however, he has never been thought of as real. However, recent archaeological discoveries may indicate that he may not be so mythological after-all.

In his story, a battle between he and his brother takes place, and he is killed. He is then mourned and his enemies destroyed, vigils are held, and eventually he is resurrected. The story is quite detailed for an Egyptian myth, and as stated in the video, it is quite odd that a mythological God-King has a tomb, considering that Horus, Ra, nor Anubis have their own tombs. Such things have never even been spoken of. So what can we gather from this? Well….hold on a minute! Let us examine the evidence provided in the video, and consider the facts along with the various factors that lean more toward the theory that we have possibly been duped, and maybe Osiris isn’t quite as mythological as we have been led to believe!

Watch this and discover the difference between what is myth….and what is REAL!


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