France Unveils New Solar Roadways That Will Supply Power to 8 Million People!!

After five years of planning and design, the French National Institute for Solar Energy and the construction company, Colas, have unveiled the world’s first patented photovoltaic roadway.

In simpler terms, these solar-paneled roadways absorb the Sun’s energy for further usage.

Colas claims that 1 kilometer of their panels, can provide enough electricity to power a city’s public lighting, if the city’s population is 5,000 that is. 20 meters of paneled roadways can provide the energy needs of the average household, discounting heat.

Some vehicles can even be charged by just driving on the road with this technology.

So What…?

The panels can be placed atop of the current road structure, so the need to dismantle the present infrastructure isn’t there. Along with that, the panels will also apparently increase grip, and will strengthen the road itself.

On the company’s website, they also claim that if 10% of the world’s roadways had these panels, it’d be enough to provide Humanity’s energy needs.

Of course, hardly anyone is aware of the 5,000 energy patents the US has classified due to, ‘national security’. Because you know, who would go to work, if people can just grow their own food and possessed infinite free energy? But that’s another story.

These panels are a step in the right direction however, review the video below and make your own mind up!


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