Full Moon in Taurus – 2017 – Nov 3rd-4th – Most Magical Moon

The November 3rd – 4th Full Moon (earth sign of the Taurus) is going to shower us with love and abundance, making it the most magical moon of 2017

November is a powerful month since it holds vibrations of 11. This full moon in November is the perfect way to start and experience the flow of the wonderful energy.

11 is a sacred number in numerology which represents higher consciousness, rebirth and divinity. It is also a number associated with angels. The vibrations that all of us go through in this month make it a perfect time for us to take action on our goals.

The energy of 11, coupled with the full moon in Taurus makes this first part of the month a glittering star which packs in a huge number of opportunities for success, romance and money!

The new moon on October 19 had us all starting to plant seeds and make wishes. There was also a rare alignment of the Sun and the Jupiter on October 26th. Whatever seeds you have been planting during this time and have been investing your energy into, now is the time you’re going to be reaping all those rewards.

This full moon will guide you, but all you need to do is start taking steps in the direction in the direction you want to.

If you’re someone who is looking for love, or just trying to heal and open your heart after a recent heartbreak, the energy of this full moon will support you. Put yourself out there, go on a date and clear your heart chakra to start seeing results. With this full moon, love is really going to be in the air, so use it to your full advantage.

This time is also perfect to share a deep and meaningful connection with your loved one, and express and open up about your inner feelings and thoughts. There’s a lot of harmony around this full moon, and it will help support you in whatever way you want to be supported.

The full moon in Taurus will also be delivering to you a lot of abundance and prosperity, so use this energy to your advantage by organizing your finances and taking up new projects or even just taking steps to raise your income. If you have a business idea in mind but you’ve not yet implemented on it, this full moon will help your dreams turn into a reality, so start making a plan and take action.

While the energy of this full moon will be handed to all of us on a silver plate, we have to take action and use this energy in the best way our self. The universe may keep offering abundance and goodies, but a lot of times we fail to see it and put it to use in the best way.

Since the beginning of the year, we all have been tempted to start with a new chapter and have been, in some way, forced to leave old patterns and start with something new and fresh. Such a transformation can be extremely challenging and it may be taking a toll on you, leaving you feeling depleted and sapped of your energy.

That’s exactly where this full moon comes in- take it as a reminder that the universe is on your side and it is here to offer you exactly what you need. This full moon is wonderful and packed with bounties and will help you get a lot of strength and inner peace to help you start making you way into this new chapter in life. 

Remember that to experience this energy you need to act. Think about what direction you want to go with in your life, and start to take active steps into making it happen. Since this is a full moon, you may also need to release some things.

This full moon we need to release all the self imposed blocks that we have been putting on ourselves. Leave all those self sabotaging thoughts, patterns and ideas that you have been carrying around for so long, and make a fresh start.

Let this full moon be a reminder for you that the only person who can get in the way of your progress is you. This full moon reminds you that the world is on your side, and learn to get out of your way to start living your life without making any excuses.

Your excuses are just fears- so learn to acknowledge and address those fears and push yourself beyond them. Fear is a natural human emotion but learn to never let it put you down- rise up and believe in yourself.

If you’ve been having trouble doing all of that, this full moon energy will help you do it and shed all those fears that have been preventing you from living the life of your dreams. Start pushing those boundaries and barriers and see what happens.

Make slow methodical changes and align yourself to the best intention. Work and use this energy and soon you’ll start to see abundant and amazing results.


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