Get Ready For These Big Changes With The January New Moon!

You may not know about it, but every new moon, we have a huge amount of positive energy available to be used, and if it is infact used in the right way, it could present a lot of power and bring about good changes in your life. This January too, we have a new moon, and this one marks the opening of doors and the start of a new cycle of energy and happiness.

You may not see the moon in the sky, and it may feel dark, but this darkness can actually turn out to be the perfect metaphor for a clean slate- it is a chance for you to start over and make the best of what you have at the moment. If you’ve been struggling at the moment, this new moon will take you on a fresh new journey, and cheer up, because there are exciting things in store for you. Just be prepared to take the first step into it.

Use the power of this new moon to set goals for yourself, and chalk out how you’ll be achieving them. Don’t be afraid to dream big- you’re on the path to success. Also remember to trust your gut a little more and follow what your heart tells you to. The energy from this new moon will guide you in the right way and make demanding and challenging situations turn out to be a lot easier for you.

This new moon, also remember to take some time for yourself and give yourself a chance to clear your mind off from all the prejudice you have and all those distracting negative thoughts that are keeping you from truly going after your dreams. View this empty canvas as a chance to start something new.

Also focus on self care and engage in meditation and breathing exercises which will help keep your mind clear and free from all negative thoughts. Don’t let the fear of the future or the regrets of the past cloud your present. Enjoy and make the best of what you have at the moment.

Remember to set your goals and make your intentions just within days after the full moon to get the best benefits of its power.

Depending on where you reside, the new moon may occur at any time, and you don’t necessarily need to be available at that exact time. But try and make it a priority to set your intentions as quickly as you can following the new moon. Setting an intention is easy- you can speak it out loud or pen it down- whatever you feel is right, go for it.

The effects of this new moon will last upto 4 days after its occurrence, so make the most of the time that you have. You may not see the positive impacts of this new moon come right in at your doorstep, but the intentions that you plant and the happy vibes that you carry during this time will act as seeds, and once they start growing, you’ll start to be happy that you planted them.

Give all your focus and attention to whatever it is that you want during this time, and take active steps to make your goal a reality.

Even if you feel your goal is too big, don’t be shy. Remember that limitations are only in your mind- the universe and its capacity and potential is limitless.

Most of all, stay happy and enjoy during this time and take the first step towards living a life of happiness, progress, growth and success.


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