Koko The Signing Gorilla Falls In Love With A Kitten…What Happens Next Is Heartbreaking

Koko is an incredible intelligent gorilla who has learned to understand over 2000 spoken words, and communicate her thoughts and emotions through sign language.

She is an incredibly loving creature, on of her biggest wishes was to one day have a baby of her own to care for. Unfortunately Koko is unable to have children, she was devastated that she would never have a baby of her own. Until one day her caretakers decided to give her some small cute companionship and let her meet a few kittens. The interactions were precious, and Koko fell in love. She adopted one of the kittens and named him “All Ball” because he looked like a tiny ball to her. They grew together, played together, and bonded each day.

This video shows just how real animal’s emotions are. You are about to see Koko fall in love and then find out some heartbreaking news, watch how she reacts.


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