Grandma makes touching Craigslist ad in search of a family for Christmas (Video)

It all began in Tulsa, Oklahoma, when a senior woman, apparently named Carrie, tried to find a family for Christmas because she didn’t have one.

Craigslist post with the title “Anybody need a grandma for Christmas?” has recently gone viral on the Internet.

It all began in Tulsa, Oklahoma, when a senior woman, apparently named Carrie, tried to find a family for Christmas because she didn’t have one. However, in a normal fashion, due to many haters, the Craigslist listing was very soon removed.

The actual ad said:

“I have nobody and would really like to be a part of a family. I cook and I can cook dinner. I’ll even bring food & gifts for the kids! I HAVE NOBODY AND IT REALLY HURTS! Let me be part of your family.”

It turns out that the woman had received a lot of nasty and revolting messages. It’s obvious that she was no longer sure about people’s welcoming intentions. Therefore, after such a massive response, the woman had to take the ad down.

Carson Carlock was casually browsing the web on Wednesday evening when he saw the heartbreaking post. 

In his interview with CNN, he commented:

“I go through the free part of Craigslist pretty often just looking for stuff because sometimes people give away stuff for free.”

“I saw that post, and I was like, ‘You know that’s really sad.’”

Carson explained that he was heartbroken and that his mother had been diagnosed with stage four cancer the previous year. He was so familiar with the feeling of loneliness because his mum had lived in another city and he could only call her.

“She would want me to be the kind of person to do this for other people.”

So that was the ideal opportunity for Carson to react to hateful comments saying that the woman’s intent was far from what hateful posts had claimed. 

Many people blamed her for trying to use the families that were willing to take her in as a guest. Still, the woman said that her only reason was to feel the warmth of celebration such a family day. Instead, she faced lots of ugly, negative posts and had to delete hers. 

Carson realized that he had to do something about it, and posted “grandma needing a family”, aimed at helping the poor woman. He also contacted her via email. 

“Someone please let her be your grandma for Christmas”, he commented on Facebook.

The post got massive coverage on Facebook with more than 2,000 people responding and support Grandma Carrie (her newly nickname). 

Just yesterday, Carson Daniel Carlock updated  the community, clarifying that he had been emailing the woman for a while now and that we should “respect her wish to remain unknown.” He also calmed everyone, saying that “Grandma Carrie is okay”


She also had a message to all of us:

The social media responded with warmth and understanding: 

“This makes my heart so sad. I would love to have my Grandmother back, she is truly missed everyday!! If Mrs. Carrie needs a family our door is always open! Even for any others that need extra love and we are not just saying for just Christmas, it’s an all-year thing. Lots of love from Diboll, TX”, – said Christina Moyer.


Some people wanted to send her postcards:

“I’d love an address to send a card too. I understand she wants to remain private though.”

“I would love to write her a few letters.”


I wish all of you a beautiful Christmas this year and hope this mother finds a family for Christmas.


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