Scarlett’s Story: Transcending Trauma & Abuse, One Picture At A Time

“So many suffer from feelings of isolation and shame, but when we are willing to see ourselves and each other as beautiful – exactly as we are – we heal ourselves and the world. Thank you Scarlett, for reclaiming your own experience of beauty. Thank you for showing us how the brave vulnerability of truth helps heal us all.” – David Bollt, Model Society Founder

Traumas, repressed emotions, fears… these are things we humans all have in common. How we choose to heal and release them is different for everybody. For Scarlett, stripping down of all layers of pretence – including the clothes hiding her body – and be photographed as a work of art proved to be the healing experience she so desperately needed. Having suffered from abuse and objectification, she has adopted the habit of toughening up and hiding behind a hardened shell. This video shows the breathtaking results when Scarlett posed in front of a photographer she could trust, in a state of complete vulnerability. Below the video is her personal story of transcending trauma and abuse through the power of art.

A personal story of transcending trauma and abuse through the power of art.

The Art of Healing Scarlett

Over the the course of ten years, my relationship to my body was ruined by trauma and objectification. When I was in high school I was sexualy abused. My parents later divorced because my dad slept with prostitutes – who were younger than me.

As a result my view of my body became distorted and painful. Unable to feel confident or beautiful in my own skin, I adopted a hardened warrior persona. Later, in college during art class, I experienced life drawing with nude models. For the first time I saw the lines and shapes of the body as artistic. I came to experience each model as uniquely beautiful, and I was comforted by their willingness to honestly reveal themselves. If only I could see myself that way! When I graduated, my experiences with art had given me hope, but my wounds remained.

Recently I searched for nude art online and found Model Society. Looking at the amazing photography, I imagined myself modeling for a beautiful work of art. Maybe this could provide healing and help me rediscover the feelings of inner beauty and strength that I had lost. I reached out to Model Society’s founder, David Bollt, and shared my story. I told him I was looking to do a photo shoot with someone I could trust. I just wanted to feel empowered again.

David replied and supported me through an almost sacred process of planning my healing experience and choosing a photographer. It was clear that who I would work with and how I would reveal myself were my choices to make. I felt safe. I was finally ready for this process to help me restore my body and heal my scars.

Days before the photoshoot I feared I would be too ashamed. Would I take steps backwards in my healing journey? Practicing poses in the mirror at home, I repeated calming words, telling myself that becoming a work of art was going to be a great experience. I decided that this would be a gift to myself. Allowing myself to simply let go and heal, turned out to be the best gift I have ever given – or received.

The photo shoot went better than I could’ve asked for. My photographer, Lonnie Tate, was professional, patient and kind. I was surprised at how comfortable I felt, even early in the process. At the start I was fully clothed, as a safeguard. But soon I had a realization: to truly get the most out of this experience, I had to actually believe I was a work of art. So I embraced the process, and everything felt natural and right as I revealed myself more fully.

I felt enlightened by nature all around me. When Lonnie and I found a location that had been ravaged by a fire, the burnt wood and black stumps felt like my emotional scars, projected onto the landscape. Instead of giving in to the brokenness of the land and becoming sad, I felt like I was bringing beauty back to the natural world – as if the land and I were healing each other.

At one point my photographer suggested I close my eyes. The click of the camera shutter seemed distant as I experienced a very calm and dreamlike state. I forgot I was in the middle of a forest doing a photo shoot. My mind was cleared of all thoughts as if I had transcended to different world, free of all wounds. In that moment I fully embraced myself as a beautiful work of art. Upon opening my eyes, I felt liberated in my mind and body alike. This was the moment I had been hoping for.

Reflecting back on the beautiful artwork we created that day, I feel a sense of pride. Viewing the images I can reconnect to that liberated mental state, and I am happy. It’s like I found a place that I can journey back to when life gets hard. I honestly didn’t know that it was possible to find – my true “happy place.”

My outlook on the human body is no longer tainted. Humanity is beautiful, no matter what form it comes in. It feels so good to see people as creations and miracles of life. It’s like my tough “warrior” shell has been molded into soft clay that can adapt and transform into beauty. I’m so grateful that I had this opportunity to embody and transcend the deep emotions that had broken me down. It’s an enlightening feeling, and I’m proud of myself for being able to clear my mind and travel beyond the trauma I’ve experienced. I really didn’t think it was possible. But now, it’s like I’ve set my conscience free.

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