Here’s Why Weak Men Can’t Handle Loving Strong Women

Weak men simply can’t handle a strong and vibrant badass Viking of a woman. While this may make us lose hope in our ability to find anyone in the grand scheme of things, it shouldn’t, because if anything, our strength is a tool to sift through the baffoons of the world and find someone who also shares our strength and stability.

This is why weak men fall short in our relationships:

1. We Are Intimidating AF

Women no longer need or depend on our male counterparts for support. Financially and beyond women have picked themselves up, and learned to thrive without men holding us up. Moving on from a past age when men were upheld as the alphas in the pack, some men simply cannot fathom two people on equal terms in the same relationship. It’s either they hold the reins or they just can’t hang.

2. We Attract Attention

Being the diamonds that we are, we shine quite brightly, and people seem to notice. Our intelligence and self-confidence draws the attention of a little bit of everyone, and this produces a competition for our weaker counterparts who have low self-esteem. No matter how hard they try, our natural ability to outshine them defeats their efforts, and over time these weaker men resent us for this.

3. We’re Not Afraid to Voice Our Opinions

We know what we want, and we know what it takes to make it happen: communication. We are clear and precise about our needs, and if we have to be loud, so fucking be it. Weak men can’t handle this type of straight to the point behavior because typically they have to use manipulation and boyish games to obtain their desires.

4. We Reflect Their Shortcomings in Our Strength

Our ruthless ability to not only stand up for ourselves in an argument but also assert our point of view in a crystal clear manner while maintaining our strength is not to be outdone or overlooked. This combination would seem to be something to be admired, however, instead, it only highlights their weakness, and instills even further our neverending independence, which is something they lack. In the end, lesser men feel defeated by us.

5. We Love Ourselves

Being the weaklings that they are, they depend on their female counterpart to need them. Something inside of them thrives on us feeling weak and helpless so that they can come to the rescue when it suits them, and make us feel better about ourselves. In the case of a strong woman, we already know what we bring to the table, and we love every ounce of ourselves, even our darkest parts. We don’t need to be rescued, and while we appreciate when you compliment us on our inner and outer beauty, we already know. Something about this doesn’t sit well with the weak ones.

6. We Can Easily Do Better

We can do better, and those with perilously low self-esteem typically know it. That’s why in many relationships involving a weak asshole the phrases “I don’t even deserve you.” or “You could do better.” continuously get brought up, and anytime a man says this in a relationship it is indeed 100% truth. They know exactly where they lack, and deep down, we only bring the truth to light.

7. We Don’t Need Them, and They Know It.

Perhaps the hardest and most terrifying idea for a weak man to grasp is the thought that at any given moment, we could leave them, and never look back. The idea that we are with them only because it enriches our lives at that particular moment in time scares them because they have to continue making it worth our while. Otherwise, we will move on to bigger and better things because we can.

8. We Find Beauty In Everything

Weak men typically wallow in sadness, and pain and their behaviors typically demonstrate this. Jealousy, manipulation, and cheating are usual for weak men who only know endless negativity. On the other hand, strong women are unwavering optimists who only see neverending opportunity ahead, and in a world like that, well everything is beautiful. The weak men in our lives do not find this palatable because birds of a feather do indeed flock together, and we are far superior to them in every way.

9. We Have Infectious Badassery and they Can’t Keep Up

Our strength is inspirational to those around us and it makes us a magnet to those who share our strength and intelligence. Unfortunately, this will leave the weaker men in our lives always struggling to grab hold of the spotlight, and eventually, they will be left in the darkness that they created, because our genuine inner strength and beauty will always guide us past those that hold us down.


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