A Homeless Anarchist Community Run By Women: A True Example Of Human Potential & Compassion!

In this video, my friend Luke Rudkowski travels to the Waianae Boat Harbor in Oahu, Hawaii, where he explores The Harbor, a homeless and anarchist community solely run by women. The leader behind the community is Twinkle Borge, a former drug addict who, after hitting rock bottom, bounced back with pure love and dedication to help people in similar predicaments. From taking care of over 20 children, 300 residents and a number of dogs, she has not only become the guardian of this community but also the proof that with compassion and cooperation, even the most dysfunctional human beings can recover and thrive together.

While most of us would agree that this is a wonderful example of the power of community and human resiliency, the government of Hawaii is considering destroying this community. If you would like to help and support Twinkle and The Harbor, you can reach her and google wallet her support here: [email protected]


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