How a Lack of Touch Is Destroying Men

If you attempt to envision a Platonic Touch, there is little doubt that you will picture one or more females as opposed to a single man. Although there are surely exceptions to this notion, it is still a general truth: likely because men are less trustworthy than woman, or at least because this is perceived to be the case. However, it is this very ideology which makes the problem worse, and this results in an Isolated Touch for men (if or when one occurs at all). To put this another way, men touch less frequently than women to begin with, which establishes a male reputation for not wanting to touch, which, over time, results in fewer touches yet.

Moreover, this trend that began before any living human could possibly recall has led to many men not being comfortable touching others, and rarely being able to experience a Comfortable Touch. For some males, the experience of fatherhood—or the Transformative Touch—will enhance their level of comfort, but this sensation does not often spread beyond the presence of their own children.

With this in mind, it is again no surprise that the male Vacant Touch leads to further insecurities regarding close contact with other peers or adults, and even with beloved partners. In fact, this can result in virtually all physical contact with another individual being considered Sexual Touch, and being hurried, avoided, and almost always unenjoyable. What’s worse, this in turn can lead boys or men to seek out sexual partners as a substitute for Connective Touch, or even as a flat-out replacement for it.

Strangely, many societies will encourage individuals to reach out to animals for Valuable Touch, simply because this is easier or less daunting for all of the parties involved. Although this form of touch is certainly beneficial, again, using it as a substitute or replacement for genuine human touch frequently results in Fearing Touch. To make matters worse, this also causes some men to become overly aggressive to other human beings, and to eventually perceive many forms of contact as Prohibited Touch.

However, we should always hold out hope for the truly Awakened Touch, and we should never shy away from the Reaching Touch; as the theme of this article articulates and implies, positive reinforcement slowly cures, while negative reinforcement rapidly hinders.


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