How And Why To Cut Off With People Who Don’t Show You The Respect You Deserve

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Often times people aren’t all they appear to be, sometimes a rough exterior can hide a kind heart just the same as a smiling face may be hiding cruel intentions. In a world like this rudeness is more common than you would think or hope. That’s why it’s important to learn to properly learn to deal with people who don’t seem to show you the respect you deserve. Learning how to properly handle these people will not only make you a much better person, but can help reveal others true intentions.

A smile goes a long way.

When a person is rude to you, you often feel angry and would wish to retort. Instead from now on learn to wear a smile on your face. Your kindness would make a rude person realize their own fault. Often you see your boss hurling piles of work upon you and forgetting the basic decency of human behavior, in such a case don’t lose your temper but rather be cool and learn to smile back in reply. Your in laws might be rude to you in various ways, smile back and over time they will realize their mistakes.

Wait in good faith.

Technology in today’s world is making things increasingly fast. We don’t know how to wait in good faith. Often we react to rudeness with rudeness and create a never-ending chain of negativity. But if we just wait and learn to gulp down our pride and wait for our anger to subside, we might see the real picture of the person behind. In order to have every answer ‘asap’ we have forgotten the value of waiting.

The Perspective.

It is very important in a conversation to consider the other person’s perspective. You can always take the high road and simply walk out of a sword fight or you can soak you head in the conversation and get hit by the arrows of rudeness thrown towards you. Its okay not to fight needlessly and let go of your rage.

Learn to Say ‘Thank You’

By saying a simple ‘thank you’ you are in fact being more mature. Neither did you retort to and nor did you ignore the person’s rudeness while you handled the situation with the help of a much easier ‘middle-path’. A ‘thank you’ makes the person realize that you acknowledge his/her rude behaviour and yet you didn’t let it affect you.

These are the three mantras to both avoid and cope with rudeness. Life is short, why waste it fighting another man’s battle. Live your life with peace and contentment.


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