How Each Sign of the Zodiac Expresses Their Anger

No matter what walk of life you come from, or what your core character really is, we all experience anger at some point in time. Unfortunately, once we have reached this point, our reactions can sometimes manifest in ways that are unbecoming of our true selves.

Understanding what enrages you and how you react can be key to controlling yourself before you reach a point that leaves you in shambles. Each star sign displays unique personality traits, and of course with each varying personality comes different ticking points. Read the following traits to be better prepared for what can happen when you have reached your point of no return.

Here is how you could react when angered, based on your Zodiac.



Aries are very quick-tempered, and find themselves at levels of extreme anger very quickly. As a fire sign, this intensity burns similar to how flames spread, and this fire can be hard to put out once it has started.
While Aries signs aren’t one to pick a fight, they are quick to put a stop to one, and their impatience and volatility will appear quickly once they are at their limit. Thankfully, they are able to calm down, almost as quickly as they were to reach their breaking point, and they forgive and forget quite easily.




While those who bear the sign of a Taurus are even-tempered and slow to anger, once they have gotten there, it is best to watch out. Betrayal, inequality, and disloyalty are their triggers. Outside of those few things, Taureans don’t typically waste precious energy on anger. However, once they have reached their limit, it may be awhile before they recover. Provide them with space until they have calmed down enough to talk. Listen to them with an open ear, otherwise, their anger could once again erupt.



As the sign of the twins, a Gemini’s anger can go one of two ways. They can put on a charade that appears calm, and then strike you with their words like venom. As a talking sign, they demonstrate their emotions best with words. This can be displayed via sarcasm, rudeness, or cynicism, but beware because on the other hand they sometimes can display their anger with actions.

Usually, the fit of anger will end quickly, as long as they feel that they are in control, and you aren’t demanding them to react in a certain way.



As a very loving, and sweet sign, they expect the same in return. Feeling unloved or unwanted or misunderstood can send them into sulking quickly. Once they have begun the cycle, sulking can easily progress into passive-aggressive behaviors. If you haven’t acknowledged their emotions by then, the next part is to go into hiding.

At this point, they will act as though they don’t want to talk, although deep down, they probably do. And they only want to resolve the issue. Since they are so meek and mild, though, you may have to instigate the resolution.



As the lion sign, Leos often demonstrate anger in the form of a roar, and it is quite easy to set them off into rage mode. Loud gestures such as throwing, screaming, and physical acts can be expected as typical.

Their words will pierce through you like claws, although they probably do not mean it. Sit back, and let them vent.
Once they are calm, it is over, and they will probably act as though nothing ever even happened.



Being the sign most associated with love, Virgos are typically very patient and loving. Their capacity for abuse from others is actually quite large, but once they have met their limit, you will soon see the signs of anger and hostility appear. They usually have a hard time expressing these emotions, and because of this things can get intense.

Since they are so passionate, all emotions that they encounter are demonstrated with this firey passion. However, they can be quite passive-aggressive as well. They will avoid confrontation with all that they have, and they are very forgiving people. On the other hand, they do not forget easily, and once you have lost their trust it is hard to gain it back.



As the peacekeepers of the zodiac, Libras will avoid anger at all costs. Due to this, they will hold in their anger and hostility until they can no longer hold back.

Due to their sensitivity, anything under the correct circumstances can set them off. Angry words will trigger a Libra to run for the hills. They may say their piece, but once it is said, they are making a run for it.
Even at their breaking point, they will put on a sweet face, and pretend nothing is wrong. If this happens enough, they will hold a grudge about it, and eventually, it will come out.



If you watch the eyes of a Scorpio it is easy to discern whether they are angry or not. Scorpios, like many other signs, keep their anger on hold, at least as long as they feel necessary.

The anger begins in their mind, and then they begin plotting how they need to react. Many times they will only tell you off inside their mind, other times they are only quiet because they are planning their attack.

Basically, if you see the anger in their eyes, and then everything goes quiet, you may need to provide them with space. Do not push them into talking it out, as they are attempting to compose themselves. While they will possibly forgive, they will never forget.



If a Sagittarius feels as though they have been attacked by cruelty, disloyalty, dishonesty, or hatred, beware, because this sign will not spare you on behalf of their anger. You will know if you have angered them, and if you do, you should probably take flight.

They will begin with sarcasm, however, this will escalate, and soon every word they speak will be that of anger. Once they lose control, they will hold nothing back, and later when it is said and done, they will become embarrassed. They sometimes create drama from boredom, and watching for this is key.

Sags enjoy solving problems and working things out, though, so they might create a situation just to solve it.



As an Earth sign, Capricorns are pretty easy going, although their requirements for keeping the peace at home can be quite strict.

This is due to a need to keep their space how they like it. There is no sure way of telling what could make a Capricorn angry, and when angered you may not be able to tell in the beginning stages. Capricorns also bottle their emotions, especially anger. They will sulk, or ignore you rather than yell most of the time, and when they lose their cool they will move past it quickly. Forgiveness will happen, but they will be sure to let you know about their disappointment first.



Aquarians do not like to argue, especially with stubborn people. They will most likely ignore you when they are angry and dip out for an escape.

If they can’t avoid the situation, they may feel cornered, and they will explode. This will lead to them avoiding you until they are calm. Or they will completely avoid you, depending on their relationship with you. If you are new to them, they may not see the situation worth repairing.



The reaction of a Pisces depends on what day it is, along with the circumstances. If they are already having a rough day, watch out, because they will explode. If their day is going in a better direction, they will avoid confrontation if possible. They would rather soothe themselves with a drink, or a cigarette than stay in a confrontational situation. If that doesn’t work, they are not above crying it out.

Crying is their showing of frustration and anger, rather than flying into a rage. They will only hold a grudge in an extreme situation.


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