How Each Zodiac Sign Acts When They Have A Crush


Aries tend to have very high standards, which is why, they don’t develop crushes very often. However, when they do find someone they like, they indulge in a lot of daydreaming. They may also blush and start acting shy around that person even though they have such a strong personality.


When a Taurus develops a crush on somebody, they make it obvious. Everyone around them will know exactly who they are crushing on, and they will go out of their way to know more about that person first before setting their heart on them.


Geminis tend to be silent admirers. They may stand behind the pillar and smile and check their crush out. They are not needy, greedy and persuasive when it comes to wooing someone and they probably even suppress it to such an extent that know one even knows that they had a crush in the first place.


Cancerians are flirty, especially if they have a crush. They can often be fearless about the reaction they get. If they give their heart away to someone, they do not hesitate to admit it. This may sound strong, but they are also extremely sensitive especially about everything about their crush.


Leos may not exactly be flirts, but they definitely know how to take the lead. If they have a crush, they let everyone know about it. They are good in terms of communication and don’t beat around the bush. They love to be wooed as well.


Virgos seldom crush on anyone because they have super analytical and critical ways. They usually scan a person upside down, inside out and see if the spark arises for them. Even if they do feel the spark, it is very subtle. They tend to have a casual approach and conversation with their ‘crush.’


Librans totally beat around the bush. They may not exactly flirt because they can get a bit intimidated around their crush and may even fumble for words around them. They prepare themselves for conversations in advance and try to play it cool, even though it rarely works for them.


Scorpios tend to get extremely shy and sensitive around their crush. They may send out signals that can be difficult to interpret and sometimes, it may leave their crush confused. Scorpios hate being vulnerable, so they quickly shut down the part of them that wants to communicate and open up.


Sagittarians, when they have a crush, can make it go either way. Either they will announce it to the world, or just be subtle about it and just tell it to their crush. They love the chase, and if anything comes easy to them, they get bored.


Capricorns are over analytical. Before they develop a crush, they weigh the pros and cons and if they feel it is not right, they don’t bother wasting their time. They can also be pretty egoistic and can hide their emotions with their crush. Even the people closest to them may never know that they had a crush on someone.


Aquarians love conversations, and if they have a crush, they’ll definitely communicate. They may not set their heart on someone based on physical appearance, but rather get attracted to substance- the mental and emotional aspects of a person.


Pisces can go to the extremes depending on how their crush reacts to their signs and signals. If their crush is analytical, the Pisces too, will plan their every move. They seek quality in a relationship and if they feel it is lacking, they will leave and never look back.


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