How Eating Too Much Sugar Can Affect Your Brain

Most of us overindulge in sugary foods, and in case you didn’t know the average American consumes one third of a pound of sugar everyday. This is a terribly dangerous thing.


Eating Too Much Sugar Is Bad For Your Brain

Research has shown that your brain has great plasticity, this is controlled by you in the way you live your life and the things you eat. Most of the people here in America choose to eat way too much sugar. Excess sugar consumption is the center of obesity and while it is a weight gain issue that is not all. When you consume too much sugar it leads to a very serious imbalance in your body this has far reaching affects on your health. Eating too  much sugar can cause obesity, Type 2 diabetes, and even heart disease. A study done on mice published in the journal Neuroscience revealed that a diet high in sugars can also lead to a change in one’s gut bacteria which can lead to the loss of cognitive flexibility.

Too Much Sugar Makes you Stupid

In 2012 researchers investigated the effects of high-fructose corn syrup. This is something used in most soft drinks, processed foods, condiments, and even baby foods. This research showed that being fed high-fructose corn syrup impairs one’s cognitive abilities. This means the syrup was causing their brain cells to have trouble signaling each other leaving one to be unable to think clearly. They even ended up causing a insulin resistance. If we were to develop an insulin resistance your whole body will suffer. This is resistance is probably caused by the increase of insulin being released due to the over consumption. You see, your blood sugar levels rise when you over eat sugars and this causes your body to release insulin in an attempt to lower the levels. Over time this can cause one to grow an immunity. This could cause one to become a full blown diabetic.

This overwhelming high level of insulin in your body will cause your brain to shut down its insulin signaling which will lead to impairments like memory loss and brain damage. It has been thought that Alzheimer’s is most likely a ‘type 3’ form of diabetes in a sense because these are so closely related. One needs to be sure to only eat small amounts of sugar in order to not put a strain on their health. The video below will tell you about how changing your gut bacteria can lead to brain disorders.



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