How Smart Are You? Try to Solve This Puzzle That Has the Internet Going Crazy

This image has been going around the internet for a while, it is a quick test that can measure just how intelligent that you are. You might have already seen this, but it continues to stump even the brightest of minds; here is how you do it!

The creators claim that the test measures a person’s IQ, claiming that if you solve the puzzle and have a good understanding of it, your IQ is above 150. And having an IQ of over 150 is good, as it technically means you have ‘genius’ level IQ. Around two-thirds of people have an IQ between 85 and 115, with just 5% reaching above 125.


Study the image, play with it, and see if you can find any patterns that jump at you. If you find that you are stumped, watch the video below. The video breaks it down for you and tells you what you can do to solve it.

If you liked this test, share it with your friends and family to see how they stack up. Who knows, you could end up being the smartest person in your circle!


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