How to Defeat a Polygraph Test


Polygraph test, the unbeatable lie detector, wrong!  The polygraph test has not been scientifically validated yet claims to be 90% accurate. How can that be you may ask? The answer is quite simple… It’s a lie.

The polygraph test is largely a trick enforced by Hollywood in order to get you to crack under pressure.

“[Polygraph Screening] is completely without any theoretical foundation and has absolutely no validity… The diagnostic value of this type of testing is no more than that of astrology of tea-leaf reading.” -Former Supervisory Special Agent Dr. Drew C Richardson, FBI Laboratory Division.


Now we are not saying that astrology or tea-leaf reading doesn’t work but what he is trying to say is that there is little scientific evidence that it is accurate in determining whether or not someone is telling the truth.

Polygraph or many-graph, as it is translated, is named so because of the many measurements it takes.

The test measures the following readings of the subject.

1. Pulse using a cardiograph
2. Blood Pressure with a sphygmograph
3. Sweat response using a galvanograph
4. Breath or breathing rhythm which is measured using a pneumograph

How the Test Works or Rather, doesn’t work
The operator will ask certain “control” questions, which will give a baseline truth response. They will then begin the actual interrogation and compare all four physiological response readings to the control.

How to Defeat a Polygraph Test


1. If you can show heightened or abnormal responses while in the control phase, the results will turn out inconclusive.

2. Do not remain in an abnormally calm state, it is actually better to do the complete opposite.

3. During the control questions, try to increase your responses by biting your tongue, doing mental arithmetic, thinking of stressful thoughts, or even just tensing your muscles.

The polygraph test is designed to induce feelings of guilt, even in so-called “honest” topics. The examiner, the person with all the questions, is trained in thought manipulation. The polygraph itself is merely their biggest prop, designed to make you feel vulnerable.

The truth is, the examiner is what you must beat, not the machine.

“If you reject the lie behind the lie detector test, you have taken your first step towards beating it.” -Michael Powell

Ricky Elmer


2004, Powell Michael, Mind Games

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