How to Remember Names

Have you ever had a problem with remembering someone’s name? I myself have struggled with this in my time. It’s embarassing to have someone remember my name and I can’t recall theirs. It’s almost like I’m insulting them, which no one likes doing.

Here are 6 tricks to help you remember names and save yourself from this embarassment.

1431074087_sem-neobychnyh-mest-dlya-znakomstva1.Truly Pay Attention– When meeting someone for the first time we usually forget to focus.

We kind of just let the verbal side fall from attention while we focus on the handshake or keeping eye contact to the point that we don’t hear their name. I am guilty of this myself.

People will feel a stronger connection to you if you are fully present when they are speaking to you and introducing themselves.  Avoid looking at your phone, watch or other distractions when you are connecting with people.

2. Repetitive Use– It is helpful to use their name multiple times during the introductory conversation. Repetitive use will fix their name in your memory.  This will also ensure that you pronounce it correctly.

People love it when their name is used, it gives them a feeling of adoration. And as you know people love feeling important.  This is also another way to show people what you are paying attention, they are important and that you care about them.

3. The Game of Association– It might be easy for you to associate their name to a certain feature they might have. Such as Billy, who is slightly overweight, becomes Billy the Bulge, or Bart, who has a handlebar mustashe, becomes Handlebart. Anything you think might be easy to recall will be helpful to you.

Don’t pick anything that is temporary such as their clothing color or you will forget the next time they wear something different.

4. Make Them Famous– If they share a name with a celebrity associate them with said celebrity. For instance, Sandra becomes Sandra Bullock. Look for a similarity between them and a celebrity to reinforce the connection.

mild-acne-forehead-pict-remove-those-forehead-wrinkles-frown-lines-and-loose-skin-with--point-of-view5. Forehead Identification– Now don’t take out a marker and literally write their name on their forehead, I’m going to go out on a limb and say they want like that. Just imagine their name on their forehead.

Even if you cant recall their name you’ll have a better chance of remember if it was long or short.

6. Ask Again– If you just do not remember their name the second time you meet them, just ask.

“Every name is real. That’s the nature of names.” ― Jerry Spinelli, Stargirl

When you are connecting with someone do not be afraid to look into their eyes.  Seeing into a person’s soul can help you make a connection that goes beyond the physical and help not only make a lasting impression on them but help you remember their name.

What do you do to remember people’s names?  Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Ricky Elmer

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