How You Express Anger According to Your Zodiac Sign

No matter how calm or laid back you may think you are, everyone gets angry from time to time. Some people just looove to push your buttons, teasing you about something you’re embarrassed about, or doing something that rubs you the wrong way. Maybe you’ve been having a really bad day where everything seems to be going wrong, and one more thing happens that just makes you snap.

It isn’t wrong to feel anger, its a normal human emotion that everyone experiences. Anger is a way for us to relieve mental and emotional pressure; it helps us stand up for and protect ourselves and others from harm. However, how we react to anger is what can cause problems, and each zodiac sign manifests their anger a bit differently.

How Each Sign Expresses Anger


As one of the three fire signs, its no surprise that Aries are prone to the most frequent and violent outbursts. The second they get triggered, they explode without any consideration for the consequences of their words or actions. They have a short fuse, and tend to get riled up over the smallest things. For Aries its “my way or the highway,” and they are not happy when things don’t go according to plan. They are not the type to pick a fight, but they are very easily offended. You will never have to wonder if you’ve hurt an Aries, because they will absolutely let you know.

However, they burn themselves out quickly, and often forget what made them angry in the first place. They are the type to forgive and forget, so don’t worry if you get on their bad side.


You’d have to do some serious damage to make a Taurus mad, because this sign does not anger easily. However, that doesn’t mean they can be walked all over. A Taurus will build up their anger and frustration internally until they’re finally ready to blow, and when that happens—watch out. If you’ve hurt them badly enough, a Taurus will become very passive aggressive and may even completely shut you out. If they give you the silent treatment, you’ll know that you’ve rubbed them the wrong way. A Taurus can be very stubborn and uncompromising, so make sure to give them their space. Similar to how a Taurus doesn’t anger easily, they don’t forgive easily either. A Taurus will never forget if you have wounded their vanity, and they find it difficult to build the same level of trust with someone who has betrayed them in the past.


Geminis, Geminis. “The Twins” represent two different personalities in one and you will never be sure as to which one you’ll face. Inconsistent and indecisive; they will say one thing and then do another, constantly changing their mind about certain issues. As a result, they can be difficult to deal with.

A Gemini loves to talk, and they will express their anger in the same fashion. They’ll shout angry, sarcastic, hurtful words—they will let you know exactly how you made them feel. However, Geminis don’t like to dwell on negative feelings for too long, and its easy for them to regain their composure. A Gemini will be ready for mediation after they’ve had some time to breathe, reflect, and calm their nerves.


Cancers have a very sweet, gentle, and affectionate nature, and like a Taurus, they don’t anger easily. They are patient, slow to anger, and they know how to tolerate a lot of bullshit. Some people take advantage of this, which makes a Cancer feel unloved and unappreciated. They will hide their frustrations until it gets too much for them to hold in, breaking down in a sea of emotions. They are very passive aggressive and keep to themselves, but that doesn’t mean they wish to be ignored—sometimes all they want is for the people they care about to show them the tenderness and love they feel they deserve.


As the second fire sign of the zodiac, Leos don’t just get angry, they rageThey will let you know exactly how you’ve crossed them, and they won’t let you forget it. All the yelling, the screaming, the adrenaline—the more chaos there is, the better it makes them feel. They completely lose control of themselves; throwing things, rolling around on the floor, lashing out—anything to get your attention. A Leo will often say hurtful things they don’t really mean in the heat of the moment, so try not to take it personally.


Virgos are the most patient signs of the zodiac. If you’re a Virgo, your definition of anger is utilizing your silent stare. Confrontation makes you really uncomfortable, and you’ll avoid it as much as you possible can. You don’t like to talk about your emotions, you’d prefer to keep your thoughts to yourself. Like Cancers, Virgos become passive aggressive when angry, and they may even give you the silent treatment. Virgos don’t forgive easily, so unless you put forth some real effort towards mediation, you may have just lost a lifelong friend.


Libras, as peacekeepers, try to avoid anger at all costs. They are very thoughtful and pragmatic, and before getting angry, they will consider the justification of their anger—”Is getting angry over this really worth losing or damaging a friendship?” Libras are very understanding and are all about forgiveness, and they will likely give you a second chance if you really mess up. However, like Virgos, Libras aren’t fond of confrontation, so if you’ve hurt their feelings, you need to be the one to make the first move.


If you anger a Scorpio, be sure to watch your back. Scorpios will never forget wrongdoings, and they won’t just “let it go.” In fact, they want revenge—and they don’t care if its today, tomorrow, or years from now. They don’t believe in the saying “Forgive and Forget,” no, you need to pay for what you did to them. A Scorpio probably won’t tell you outright that they’re upset, instead they’ll give you subtle, telling signs—passive aggressiveness, sarcasm, and glaring eyes. If you anger a Scorpio, make sure to give them their space!


Quick to anger, hard to control. As the last of the fire signs, a Sagittarius will rain down Hell on you if you set them off. They don’t tolerate bullshit, deception, or disloyalty very well, and they will teach you a lesson if you break their trust. Sagittarians are often ashamed of their hot temper, and they will internalize as much as they can to avoid displaying this side of themselves.


This sign manifests their anger in an unusual way. Capricorns are known for being responsible, disciplined, and mature for their age. They have high standards for themselves and others, so when you don’t meet them, this makes them upset. Rather than getting “angry” per se, a Capricorn will let you know (in grueling detail) how you’ve “failed” them, how you’ve disappointed or let them down. They can be very condescending, focusing on every negative aspect. You don’t want to be the one to make a Capricorn angry, as they don’t forgive easily.


Aquarians love deep, thought-provoking conversations, but they despise arguments. An Aquarius hates expressing their emotions, and would rather keep to themselves. Arguing with an Aquarius is like talking to a brick wall—they just don’t break. Even in high-stress, emotional situations, an Aquarius will remain poised, calm, and composed. Some people think this lack of emotion is cold and insensitive, but the truth is, an Aquarius’ emotions run deep. If you’re close friends with an Aquarius, they might let you in on their true feelings once they’ve had their space.


Pisces’ have very strong emotions. They are passionate, gentle, and intuitive. They don’t like arguing or sparking negative emotions, and will do anything they can to keep the peace. Like many other signs, they would rather internalize their emotions than deflect their anger onto someone else. As a water sign, a Pisces is very sensitive and will often cope with their frustrations by going off by themselves, having a good cry, and letting out their emotions where no one can see. Pisces love forming deep connections with others, and are usually willing to forgive and forget to maintain strong relationships.


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