How to Overcome a Negative Emotion in 15 Minutes or Less


You’re having a great day, when all of a sudden a situation triggers you, and are you are spun into a whirlwind of an unpleasant emotion. The feeling, whether it be anger, sadness, resentment, fear, frustration, anxiety, etc, is only a re-triggering of an old emotion, that stemmed from a similar situation in the past. The emotion lays dormant in your physical and energetic system, because it was not thoroughly addressed and released, the first time. It then gets re-triggered each time a similar situation arises, and you become sad, angry, or scared  all over again.

Our families and cultures have been taught to save face, and brush unpleasant emotions under the rug. Most of us were given the impression that expressing our feelings wasn’t safe or welcome, and we became champions at pretending like everything was awesome. Many of us, when triggered, either lash out and do something we regret, or try to ignore it and pretend like everything’s cool. Neither of these are healthy options, nor produce the results we want.  It is our responsibility now, to give ourselves what we needed then.




When triggered, it is our need, as well as opportunity to be the caring and compassionate parent that listens and welcomes our inner expression. All that that part of us wants, is to be heard, and once we feel witnessed and understood, our emotions dissipate.


These 5 steps will get you feelin’ good in no time.


1. Stop.

This is the defining moment… where you stop resisting and ignoring, and find a quiet place to be with yourself.  Breathe and become present with what you are feeling.  Notice where you feel it in your body.



2. Ask and Listen.

The triggered part of you only needs a little love and attention!  This part can be any age, and what it has to say will depend on how old it is. Ask the part of you that is triggered…

“What are you feeling and what would you like to express?”

Listen and explore with compassionate curiosity until it feels complete.



3. Release.

Let it out.  Expression cleanses our body and energetic field of the withheld emotion and dense energy.  You may do this through deep breathing, screaming into a pillow, shaking it out, punching a punching bag, journaling, letting out a long and loud sigh, dancing, painting, burning a piece of paper with the word of the emotion on it, or whatever else you may feel called to do.



4. Act on the need.

Ask this part “What do you need?”.
Usually the need is quite simple. It could be to be loved, reassured, to play, go outside, rest or set a new boundary.  If it is something you are not able to do in that moment, reassure them that you will do it, tell them when… and of course make sure to follow up with the promise.



5. Raise your vibration.

Do something that makes you feel great and uplifts your energy.  It could be a bath, shower, a dance, listen to great song, yoga, cuddles, or going outside.  Then proceed to enjoying how awesome life is 🙂




Check out the following video by Teal Swan about positively embracing our negative emotions.



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