Humanity Stands Up: Raises $2 Million To Save This Beloved Paradise From The Elite

A showdown between the people of New Zealand (indeed, the world) and some ‘elite’, has recently erupted; with these cash-strapped private parties wishing to purchase an incredible paradise for themselves.

But not without a fight.

Located off of the Awaroa Inlet near Abel Tasman National Park, the Abel Tasman beach is nearly 80,000 square feet (7.3 hectares in actuality) and was recently put up for sale from its previous owners, Michael Spackman and business partner Michael Garnham. Both men are involved in a legal battle with the Bank of New Zealand over alleged unpaid loans. With Spackman purchasing the beach in 2008 for $1.92 million.

Within 2 weeks of a crowdfunding campaign being created by Duane Major and Adam Gard’ner among others, over 35,900 people, from all over the globe have so far raised over $2 million, reaching their original target amount. With the proper funds, the people intend to purchase the stunning swathe of land, to then give it to New Zealand’s Department of Conservation, or a suitable trust.

I give every single one of you beautiful souls a standing ovation.

Since then, the campaign creators have spoken with their legal advisors, whom suggested that the campaign go into ‘stealth mode’, to prevent the competition from knowing the exact amount of money they must outperform for the pristine piece of Earth. You can still allocate any money you’d like however, as the campaign will remain up for at least one more day.

The Abel Tasman beach will be put up for auction on Tuesday, February 16th.

Millionaire Gareth Morgan, offered to broker a deal with the campaign managers: he gives them $600 thousand, they let him have private ownership of the few buildings that occupy the property, which he then promised to eventually give them, ‘the whole lot’. Exhibiting unwavering integrity, the campaign organizers refused, stating, ‘it is not in the spirit of the campaign’.

Morgan would quickly become a sharp critic in light of this action. He would later call the move by the people, ‘[a] nice, innocent but naive campaign that will lose’. Obviously, someone had their ego blown out of the water. Pity.

He would later state that if the campaign failed, it would most likely fall under the ownership of the ‘helicopter set’, who would more than likely block public access to the beach.

What This Means To Me

I grew up immersed in Potawatomi culture, as my mother is almost full-blooded native American. My elders and culture teachers would teach me, that at one time, if our tribe grew too large in number, some families would split away from the tribe. They would then establish entirely new clans. We did this to preserve the ecosystem. That’s some of the type of information, that was imprinted in me from a young age to a young man.

Seeing all of these people stand up, for such a brilliant goal – seriously touches me.

My heart poured while writing and reading what has unfolded. But it also pains me, just as much. I couldn’t help but wonder: how many times has this happened before, with not one person caring?

The amount of actual instances, is most likely – innumerable.

Entire ecosystems being dominated by a select few, whom often devastate our planet’s fragile environment, without even allowing the rest of their human family the pleasure of experiencing their birth-right. Even so, these courageous people are being forced to buy what is naturally ours in the first place, and walking through this with smiles on their beautiful faces.

It makes me see the fallacy and lack of logic within this morose system. I’m sure you’ve witnessed and thought this to yourself as well, one time or another. Probably more than once.

This link is to a quick write-up I created a few weeks ago. The title is this:

3 Videos That Explain How The Matrix Works – And How To Remove It

Very self-explanatory.  With an open-heart, I invite you to watch those videos, and conclude in your own terms, what all of this information truly means to you ultimately.

Such as, where are we going? Why are we going there? Most importantly: What am I going to DO about it??

Hope this has given you some perspective and food for thought. As always, thank you for reading.


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