If You See Someone Wearing A Safety Pin, THIS Is What It Means!

As protests are raging throughout the country, there is also a positive form of activism that is taking hold as well. The safety pin movement is simple to participate in and offers a more peaceful approach to modern day activism.

The movement initially began in Great Britain and followed shortly after the Brexit vote. The vote was a decision made by Great Britain to leave to the European Union, although many people have viewed it as an anti-immigration bill. After the bill was passed people began wearing the pins as a means to show their solidarity with those who were impacted by the bill.

Due to fears that there could be an uprising in violent crimes against minorities after the presidential election, American’s have adopted the movement and began sporting safety pins to show those in fear that they are a “safe” person or someone who will stand with them rather than against them.

The beautiful thing about the movement is while many people are rioting violently in the streets, there are others who are standing in support of their fellow man without turning to physical aggression. By simply placing a safety pin on your shirt, you can show others that you are there for them. That you are safe. It is important to stand up for what you believe in, and to do what you believe is right, however, the manner in which you do this makes all the difference.



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