In Relationship’s Today, We Cheat On Each Other Literally Every Day

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If you think sex is the only way you can cheat on a person you love then you are horribly mistaken. Cheating is a choice and it can happen in ways that you would never even think of.

It is 7:00 am, and your alarm goes off. You open your eyes, and your mind starts racing. You have a full day ahead of you and it is all on your mind; meetings, conference call, and projects all on the list. You start to make your way to the bathroom, but you grab your phone on the way and scroll through the notifications.

You know he isn’t awake so you send him a text message: “Good morning, honey. I hope you have a wonderful day!”

This serves as two things: you want her to know that he is the first thing on your mind. And, he needs to realize that, no matter how stressful or busy that you may be, he is the priority. It all sounds so perfect, but in reality, that isn’t so.

Instead, you will probably log into Facebook or Twitter, nosing into everyone else’s life, and maybe, just maybe you will send that text as you are out the door on your way to work.

Relationships in today’s society seem to lack direction. People “date, but what does that even mean anymore? It is hanging out twice a month, texting all day, or kissing here and there. Something is missing. What is causing relationships to falter at the rate that they are? Relationships thrive on communication, our most intimate emotions are supposed to be reserved for the person we love, yet most of the time now they are blasted all over social media for the whole world to see. How is it acceptable to never show them to the people we love?

Cheating on the one you love does not always involve sex. Sleeping around may take the cake, but people cheat on their lovers in hundreds of ways every single day. None of these even make it to the bedroom. Most of the time a third party is not even involved. We cheat when we act dishonestly to gain an advantage or to deprive the one we love of what we owe them. Yes, that is right, if you are in a relationship, you owe something to the person that you proclaim to love.

We accept so many unacceptable things: sitting at the dinner table with our phones out, arguing over text, publishing every minute of our lives on social media.

Webster’s Dictionary defines cheating as the deprivation of “something valuable by the use of deceit or fraud.”

Yes, sex is cheating and is the most hurtful case, but have you ever stopped to think you are being cheated out of your relationship every day?

We experience the lack of communication, attention, passion, intimacy and even the lack of love. Why are we so okay with this and the fact that all the communication shortcuts that have become so common? It is like people are okay with only half a relationship.

This type of cheating is what causes more damage than that of any sexual affair.

It is safe to assume that when you are in a relationship that you are in it for companionship. Your partner wants you to share each other’s experiences and in each other’s excitement. Your partner expects that you will relieve each other of pain and loneliness. So when you are being ignored by the person that you care about most in the world, it hurts like nothing you have ever experienced before.

It makes them worry about your safety and the relationship itself. It is a stressful, painful and all around unpleasant situation. All of this from someone who is supposed to add something to your life.

You have given your heart to someone and love them with everything you have in your body, but you seem to have to beg for their attention.

When they say something about it, you make excuses and get angry at them. You say, “They are just asking for too much, they are complaining, or asking for too much attention.” Why is it so hard to make an effort? They do not want every single moment of every single day, they are not asking for too much. Old-fashioned love needs to make a comeback.

Where are the days of holding hands, opening the car door, taking them out “just because”? Why is it so hard to send flowers, or just to sit down for a conversation?

Focus on each other, instead of solely on yourself. Selfish never helped anybody. When everything is said and done, they are all you have.

Put down your phone, and look more into the person who is sitting right in front of you. When you realize these things, it might be too late.


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