Instead Of Spending On Ads This Clothing Company Plants Trees & Feeds Children

Did you know that…

  • The costs of one single ad on a top magazine, could be used to plant 1.5 million trees?
  • Funding for one prime-time TV ad could provide clean water to over 30 communities?
  • One month of display time on the Times Square billboard can supply food to 27,000 children for a year?

Don’t feel too bewildered by these facts. I didn’t know these staggering numbers either until I came across David Eros’ and Atila Uri’s paradigm smashing campaign – Ch∞se.

The Epitome of Activism: Creating Change By Conscious Consumerism

What is so special about this otherworldly endeavor, is that it will use a toxic societal issue; which is ravenous consumerism, and flip it on its axis. This will be done by using the revenue that would normally be used for advertisement to actually help human beings and materialize change. This is the type of innovation that is needed in EVERY facet of our society.

You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” ― R. Buckminster Fuller

Carol Dodds, Vice President of Advertising (AOPA) captured the ethos of this revolution quite well:

A concept like yours probably strikes fear in the hearts of my contemporaries and others in fashion and luxury products, but I firmly believe that your generation of smart, clean, and thoughtful marketers have the right idea and that a revolution is needed.

The under-belly of our industry is wrought with excess, waste, contamination, and a number of unhealthy by-products – both physical and psychological. It is far beyond time to clean up our act and to redirect those billions of dollars to work that can improve our planet and the lives of our neighbors‘.

I invite you to learn more about this truly revolutionary journey, by watching the video below, and assessing the outcome of this campaign yourself.

Also, we here at SoulSpot, will be donating a percentage of the revenue this article generates to this superb idea.

Follow the link below this video to see their Indiegogo campaign. Let’s make this a win-win for everybody…

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