6 Signs You Are Overly Intense And Might Intimidate Others

Different people have different key personalities. Some tend to have a chilled out attitude and no one can shake them no matter what. Others tend to be more spontaneous, outgoing and even aggressive. And then comes people who are intense. They feel everything deeper than others and that’s exactly why they react in the same way too.

Are you an intense person yourself too? How would you know you are one? Here are the 6 signs that could point out to just that.

They wear their heart on their sleeve.

Intense people tend to open up to new people super fast. They are great conversationalists but are also blunt- they never sugarcoat anything. They also usually don’t care about what the others feel.

They care a lot about everything

Intense people have blacks and whites. They’re never in the gray zone. They don’t know what it is like to feel moderately passionate about anything. They either feel passionate at the extreme, or nothing at all. If they do find their passion, they go all over it. They find endlessly for it.

They fight without restriction.

Intense people, when they get their mind on something, it is just a fight to the death. They keep on fighting without restriction, until they hit their goals with pure aggression. They are also pretty smart, so they know exactly what to do to get what they want.

They speak to the point

Intense people tend to have a very straightforward approach to what they want to say. They’ll be upfront and never say anything that they don’t mean. Their words have a lot of weight too.

They’re honest

One of the best qualities that an intense person has is that they have a no-bullshit attitude. They’ll be honest about anything and everything, and have a sincere quality to them.

They want to be engaged in meaningful conversation

They tend to hate small talk and like to be a part of strong and meaningful conversations that actually come up into something constructive and helpful.

Source: http://www.higherperspectives.com/incredible-signs-1592169670.html


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