6 Signs You’re An Incredibly Intense Person

If you’re like me, you’ve probably heard you’re an intense person, maybe even “insanely intense.” Sometimes people mean it as a slight, but often it may be a complement (or at least that’s how I always chose to take it): Living life as an intense person simply means you’re living life to the fullest.

But what else might people mean when they say you’re so intense? Check out these six signs you’re not just intense, but incredibly intense.

You’re not afraid to be who you are.

You’re going to feel what you feel, and you’re not going to pretend otherwise. If you feel a certain way, why would you pretend otherwise? Sometimes people might say you wear your heart on your sleeve, because of how easily you can open up, but from your perspective, why would you hide who you are? Similarly, you can be quite blunt: There’s no point in not saying what you mean, so you might as well say it plainly.

You’re not afraid to be passionate.

About anything, really. You know how you feel about most things, save the few things about which you just don’t care at all. But in general? You’re incredibly passionate, and you fight without ceasing for the things you care about.

You don’t hold back, either.

When you go after what you’re passionate about, it’s no holds barred. That doesn’t have to mean aggression, though, because you’re smart, calculating, cunning: Whatever it takes to go after the things you want and what you believe in. Others might call that intense, but you know it’s just what it takes.

You stand up for what you believe in.

And don’t mince words when doing so. When you talk, you’re 100% behind what you’re saying. That doesn’t mean you have to say much, either: You know how to make your words count.

You’re genuine and sincere.

You mean every single word you say, regardless of whether that’s positive or negative. There’s no point in bullshitting, because you stand behind what you say.

You want to talk about the good stuff.

None of that small talk about the weather. Instead, you’d much rather talk about what matters, the things you’re passionate about. Life’s too short to waste time jabbering about things that don’t matter, so why not talk about something that does?


Okay, so maybe there are a few good reasons why people say we’re incredibly intense. But why would you want to live life any other way?


*This content was inspired by an amazing article that can be found here.


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