Jim Carrey Reveals The Hidden Messages Behind His Paintings: Depression, Healing, & More

In a newly released documentary, I Needed Color, Jim Carrey shares an intimate look into his artistic passion.


For years now, Carrey has been opening up to his fan base and showing he is more than just the “funny guy” with wild facial expressions; Candidly speaking about his battle with depression, sharing his experience of spiritual awakening.

“I found myself looking around a very bleak winter in New York. It was just, so depressing and… I think I Needed Color.”

I Needed Color shows us a side of Carrey that most haven’t seen before. He says he has been sketching ever since he was a child, but only recently did he discover a love for painting, after experiencing a traumatic heart break. Using his art as a form of therapy and deep self-expression, Carrey talks about the hidden meanings behind his paintings;

“You can tell what I love, by the color of the paintings. You can tell my inner life by the darkness in some of them. You can tell what I want by the brightness in some of them.”

Through experiencing someone’s art you get to see a side of them that is usually hidden deep under the surface. Carrey beautifully conveys his thoughts on what makes someone an artist is an ability to “make something physically come into being that is inspired by their emotions or their needs”. It is a deep form of expression that can bring people together, and show the common thread of humanity within us all.


Carrey doesn’t just use his art as self-therapy but also hopes to heal others with it. He described the real reason he paints powerful images of Jesus despite not necessarily being religious.

“The energy that surrounds Jesus is electric. I don’t know if Jesus is real, I don’t know if he lived, I dont know what he means, but the paintings of Jesus are really my desire to convey Christ Consciousness. I wanted you to have the feeling when you looked in his eyes that he was accepting of who you are. I wanted him to be able to stare at you and heal you from the painting.”


There is a certain freedom in being able to express yourself through art. Carrey says he doesn’t know what painting teaches him but he knows that it frees him, “Free from the future, free from the past, free from regret, free from worry.”

In just under 7 minutes the documentary reveals so much about who Jim Carey truly is. The views and sentiment he shares can be felt by artists and non-artists alike. I have a new found respect and appreciation for Jim Carrey after seeing it. 


You know The bottom line with all of this whether its performance, or its art, or its sculpture is…. Love. We want to show ourselves and have that be accepted. I love being alive and the art is evidence of that. 





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