Award-Winning journalist Describes How Psychedelics Can Help Cure Our Collective Insanity

Amber Lyon, three-time Emmy Award-winning journalist, filmmaker and photographer, was led to a radical career and consciousness shift resulting from her healing experience with Ayahuasca, a psychoactive plant mixture. She now believes we can transform the course of humanity by collectively purging our traumas and healing at the individual level with the help of psychedelic medicines.

Lyon states, “Too many of us are carrying around bottled-up trauma, often from childhood, that manifests as anxiety, depression, anger, hate, fear, greed. […] When people start healing at the individual level, collectively we’re going to see dramatic change in society.” 

Go Amber! Thank you for being such an awesome activist and voice for change.

Watch Amber Lyon describing how psychedelics can help cure our collective insanity!

Read Amber Lyon’s Story Here: How Psychedelics Saved My Life


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