Legendary Body Paint Artist Transforms Humans Into Realistic Animals

There are a lot of very weird fetishes and phenomenons in the world but this has to be one  the more interesting pieces I’ve seen in a while.

“An artist brings animals to life using body paint and contorted models. At first glance, these images could be mistaken for portraits of wildlife in their natural habitat were created with paper and paint. However, they are actually the incredible works of illusion by talented body painter Gesine Marwedel, who paints models to creates realistic animals.
Marwedel, 29, from Dortmund, Germany has always been fascinated by the concept of transferring her designs to human bodies and her latest project features models posing in contorted positions. One image appears to show an elegant swan in a park pond, whilst another picture shows a mother penguin and its chick in a snowy landscape.”


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