He Took His Shirt Off And Walked To A Homeless Man. What He Does Next Is So Beautiful!

It is things like this that remind me of what human nature truly is. At our core, we are compassionate and empathic beings. We don’t like to see others suffer and want to help each other thrive. We are trained to believe that we are the opposite, and it is very easy to be convinced of that when we look at how humans can treat each other. But I believe that behaviors such as greed and violence are a byproduct of the ill environment we’ve created for ourselves because of false beliefs that are spread all around us. If we removed all trauma and conditioning, we would be left with our child-like innocence and a sense of interconnectedness that would leave us incapable of causing harm.

Alright, enough philosophizing… please enjoy this incredibly touching video that I hope will inspire you to be more of your giving and compassionate self! And bring some tissues… you just might cry like a baby. I know I did :'(

Miren este Video Wow ???? Este hombre se merese muchas bendisiones por la buena accion que Hizo ?? Dios Lo bendiga amen☺…

Posted by Läzaro El Feo on Friday, January 8, 2016


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