Man Invents Machine That Converts Plastic Waste Into Fuel


A Japanese company called Blest invented a small machine that can convert plastic garbage into reusable oil.

What a great solution to our pollution problem! Everyone has tons of plastic laying around their home, using his machine one is able to put plastic trash in.

The CEO of Blest, Akinori Ito dreams of one day producing a machine that anyone can have in their own home. The machine already exists, but improvements are needed to make it reasonably cost effective for someone to keep at home. 

The oil can be burned as is, or it can be processed into

  • Gasoline

  • Diesel

  • Kerosene and used in cars, motorbikes, boilers or in stoves.

1 kg of plastic will make 1 litre of oil. It can be transported by plane to various countries where it is most needed. They take it to schools and teach children about recycling, that the “trash” is not garbage, but something useful that can be turned into oil. This motivates them to collect the plastic and convert it to oil, instead of tossing in the street. Because the oil can be used as gas, it would reduce our dependence on foreign oil and reduce the CO2 footprint. So far it can process polyethylene, polystyrene and polypropylene plastics.

“Plastic to Oil Fantastic.” Smith, Carol. Our World, 2010. Web. 2015.


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