Howie Mandel: I’m Crazy, I’m Mental, I’m Talking About It.

It’s easy to show our best self. “Good” and “great” are the go-to answers when asked how we’re doing… even when it’s not true. Why is our culture so emphasized on highs and highlights when lows and challenges are just as much part of our lives? Not only are they a part of life, they are an important one; filled with lessons, growth and opportunities to relate to and help one another. The same story applies with mental illnesses, and how they are often perceived as taboo and shameful to have, when they should be seen with eyes of compassion and not judgment.

In this video, Howie Mandel opens up about the event that inspired him to open up about his mental condition. Thanks, Howie, for doing your part in helping the world accept and have compassion for mental illnesses! After all, we can’t heal what we’re ashamed of.


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