Is It Really Money That Motivates Us? The Science Will Surprise You!

Many people love to blame “Human Nature” for the state of our world. It is believed that we are inherently selfish and that money will always have the last word. “Money makes the world go round,” they say. Now it makes sense that in a society where the agreed upon rule is “no money no food” (which is a whole subject in itself), money does play a large part in people’s decision-making process. But aside from issue of survival, is money in and of itself the best motivator for people to up their performance, productivity and creativity?

An MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) study, funded by none other than the Federal Reserve, delivered shocking results that profoundly challenge the widely accepted belief that financial reward is humanity’s best motivator. These results, I believe, hold the key to world change and ultimately, to our evolution as a human race. Enjoy this awesome RSA Animate adapted from a Dan Pink’s talk, where he reveals the surprising truth about what motivates us!


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