NASA Captures Images Of Sand Dunes On Mars That Look Like Morse Code

This image of some dark dunes on mars was taken on Feb. sixth of 2016 by the high resolution imaging science experiment camera. The shape of these dunes can usually tell us what direction the wind is blowing but this image seems much different than the others before it.

The dune forms in this image are extremely complex making it difficult to tell the wind direction. It seems these dunes are formed into dots and dashes as well somehow. The smaller dots are called ‘Barchaoid dunes’ they are formed when there is interruption in forming linear dunes. Linear dunes are what would appear to be the dashes in this image and they are formed by bi-directional winds that do not travel parallel to the dune.

We do not fully understand this process but this is clear there is a lot going on in order to form these patterns. The question is though while they look as if they’re in morse code, are they really and if so what does this mean?


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