NASA & Carl Sagan Sent This To E.T’s To Explain Life On Earth (Video)

If you had to explain life on Earth to a being from another planet, what would you chose to convey your message?


Nasa teamed up with Carl Sagan to compile a bunch of images and sounds to give life forms on other planets an idea about Earth and our history. They sent out this information on golden discs with pictures scribed on them that contained instructions for how to get the information off.
So what exactly was on these golden disks launched into space?

  • 116 images depicting scientific knowledge, human anatomy, life on earth, and the environment.
  • Spoken greetings in over 50 languages.
  • A variety of sounds from Earth.
  • 90 minutes of music from around the world.

To check out some of what was sent up in space check out this video!


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