Nasa Released New Footage Of Earth, What It Shows Is Absolutely Stunning

Sometimes we could all use reminders that snap us out of our stress and gives us a greater perspective on life and the infinite and beautiful universe we live in.
This breathtaking video will give you just that!

Thunderstorms, aurora borealis, and glimmering lights of cities around the world, in this video you will see a million reasons to love our planet and all of its majesty.

Videos like this are important to watch and share because they have the ability to broaden our perspective. If you ever feel down and caught up in the small details and problems of everyday life, pause, and remember the immense wonder, magic, and beauty that surrounds us.

Edited By: Dmitry Pisanko

 Footage From: International Space Station (ISS)

Music By: Composer Ludovico Einaudi  The resulting 4-minute timelapse video is truly breathtaking.


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