Never Get a Poison Ivy Rash Again Using This Ridiculously Simple Technique

Is poison ivy a frequent torture in your life? No worries, here is a simple technique!

It is summer time and what that means is all of those evil rashy plants are blooming. Not only can you not go exploring in the woods without seeing it but you can also see it right in your own yard. But don’t worry anymore because there is a simple way to avoid these rashes.

Let’s start with the basics: How you get a poison ivy rash.


The plants contain an oil called urushiol, and when that touches your skin, it causes a rash to form on your body. It can come in contact with anything and spread to your skin.

How do you prevent a rash? Simple: Wash the body part that touched!


But, there is a little more to it.

You may miss some spots.


Urushiol is very hard to remove so be sure to scrub well.

Scrub really good!


Any soap is good, just use something to help scrub.


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