Old Souls Struggle To Find Love.. Here’s 10 reasons why..

Old souls tend to struggle to find love, because their partners do not usually meet the desired list of characteristics that they have in mind. Here are the many reasons why old souls seem to struggle when it comes to finding love.

1. Old souls have free spirits.

A free spirit can remain free only if it is embraced willingly by another spirit and not by someone who restricts it. Free spirits need to change and grow freely, and that is something what all old souls need. For them, finding another free spirit means finding another old soul, which is difficult or impossible.

If you’re an old soul yourself or if you’re in love with one, there’s no reason to feel alarmed. Apart from all these characteristics, there’s also one quality that all old souls have- they never stop searching for something until they find it.

2. They want to learn from love in meaningful ways.

Old souls crave helpful and insightful guidance and knowledge from their partner, which is rather difficult because that needs their partner to be someone who possesses over average intelligence. They also have very high standards and want someone who offers 100% accurate guidance and knowledge, which is why, for many old souls, the search to find someone like this continues.

3. They don’t want to fix people (even if they are capable of doing so).

Old souls seem to attract a lot of people who are looking for help, and that’s natural because no one is capable of solving them better than an old soul can. However, due to experiences, old souls know that it is actually a bad way to maintain a relationship, and in reality, fixing things for someone isn’t going to be beneficial for them in the long run.

4. Old souls are complex individuals.

Old souls tend to think deep and have intense personalities. This is why, normal souls and normal people tend to misunderstand them, and are unable to provide them with the type of love they need or want.

5. They know that love does not equate to “really liking” someone.

Old souls tend to crave a love that consumes them. They want to love someone instinctively and do not believe that ‘really liking’ someone equals to loving them.

6. They need a partner who is healthily vulnerable.

They believe that only someone who can open their heart completely and be fully vulnerable can allow their heart to be genuinely loved. Normal souls are usually not comfortable with this idea.

7. Old souls require active commitment.

They require a complete demonstration of commitment by their partner’s actions, not just by their words.

8. Old souls require a love which is whole.

Old souls want a relationship where both of them truly love themselves with or without the other person.

9. Old souls need soulmates.

Old souls crave for a relationship that goes on every level- spiritual and emotional. They have very high standards when it comes to companionship.

10. They don’t enjoy dating in general.

Old souls usually don’t like dating, because most of the people that they have dated aren’t old souls themselves.


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