The ONE Most Important Mind-Blowing Fact that Will ULTIMATELY Change The Way You See Everything!

The ONE Most Important Mind-Blowing Fact

What if there was a truth that when you learn it your WHOLE perception about everything will change? You will finally understand.

You’ll understand the why-s and the how-s, the secrets of The Universe, all of your questions… and you will finally awaken.

And this awakening is not the propaganda tailored one. It’s the REAL awakening that only few spiritual masters truly understand it.

It is not an awakening based on knowing few spiritual quotes, or bragging about going vegan, or even starting yoga, meditation and other spiritual practices.

It is the REAL opening of your eyes to the REAL reality and actually understanding what is REALLY happening behind the curtains of your psych.

Believe it or not, Leonardo DaVinci was one of the few people who knew what am I about to tell you. He even said:

“I awoke, only to see that the rest of the world is still asleep.”

Are you ready to learn this fact?

Here it is:

Everything you see around you, everything in your life, everyone in your life, every single person you love, hate, gossip about, the options you see, even the heavenly objects, EVERYTHING in your life is a projection of your psych upon the world. The life you experience is based on what you project upon this holographic Universe. We all live in our own realms. In your life and your realm EVERYTHING is YOU!

There is no other people you can see just parts of your psych triggered by the actions of others.

You love parts of yourself, you hate parts of yourself, you even choose to be intimate with some parts of yourself and allow them to make babies with, you gossip about secret parts of yourself, the options you can see around you are based on the way your psych is designed, the heavenly objects, the planets and stars all stimulate parts of your psych.

That’s why astrology works.

The more you know yourself, the more you will understand why you love something, and why you would most likely choose something.

EVERYTHING you see is a projection of your mind which operates under your psych.

The world is but a mirror of your psych.

And knowing this can really elevate you from the everyday labyrinth of society which is chasing illusions to fill black holes in their psychs.

To live a better life you don’t need anything from the Outer World. And even if you manage to get the things you think can better your life you will notice that you’ll be more lost than ever, and still not living a better life. That’s because it’s your psych that needs to be worked upon.

Be on the look for things that trigger you and try to understand why. That’s how you alchemize your psych. Loving others is loving yourself, hating others is hating yourself.

You start growing when you start collecting parts of yourself and uniting them again through your YOUNIQUENESS!


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