Stay Single Until You Meet This Type Of Person (Based On Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type)

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If you’re an ENFP personality type, don’t rush into a relationship. Stay alone and single until you find someone who has the same level of excitement as you have over your ideas, little aspects of your day and everything else that you love celebrating. Wait until you find that special someone with whom you can share the thousands of thoughts racing in your head, and those magical ideas that may not always be workable. Be with someone who doesn’t want to put a stop to your freedom and lets you be just as you are, while still being an anchor for you.


If you’re the ENTP personality type, be single until you find that special someone who loves debating with you- whether it is about serious matters or just random things that don’t even matter. Be single until you come across someone who knows and understands your ego and still finds you beautiful and charming. Someone who isn’t scared of going the extra mile with you just to see you happy and just to see your dreams come true. Be with someone who will do everything it takes to help you do your things, and makes your life everything but boring.


If you’re the ESFJ personality type, stay single until you find someone who has their own self together and someone who doesn’t shy away from being committed to you. Find someone who appreciates how generous you are, but still doesn’t take advantage of you. Don’t be with someone who doesn’t do all this, and someone who doesn’t put their all into your relationship. Infact, wait for that someone who realizes how you too, need to be cared for and loved, when you’re so busy caring for others around you. Be with that someone who makes you feel needed, loved and wanted.


If you’re the INFP personality type, be single until you come across someone who can match your emotional capacity and who also finds it fascinating. Be with someone who knows how dreamy you can be, but still doesn’t want to change it. Be with that someone who lets you be yourself but is still there with arms wide open for you to come back to reality when you want to. Don’t settle for someone who has a closed mind and just want to see things a certain way. Instead, find someone who has the ability to see different viewpoints with enthusiasm equal to yours.


If you’re an INTJ personality type, wait until you find someone who makes dating feel like a breeze and a process that you genuinely love. Be with someone who loves how intelligent you are and is not intimidated by you, but only wants to see you stronger and better in every way you can. Be with someone who believes in complete honesty and when you’re with them, you feel calm and at peace. Don’t settle for someone who likes playing games.


If you’re the ESFP personality type, stay single and find someone who when you’re with them, even if you have a whole load of options at your disposal, they make everything else feel less important. Be with someone who loves how charming you are, and takes your spontaneous nature easily rather than it being a flaw. Don’t be with someone who tries to keep you from being social because of their jealous nature. They should be willing to share you and let you shine as much as you can.


If you’re an ENFJ personality type, be with someone who loves how compassionate you are and doesn’t take you for granted but instead, cherishes it. Be with someone who respects your intuitive abilities and love accepting your advice. Be with someone who is upfront with you about what they feel, and loves how you take care of others, but doesn’t take it for granted. Find that someone who loves how you take a lot of effort for others and wants to do the same for you too.


If you’re the ESTJ type, find someone who doesn’t consider your confidence as arrogance, but instead, finds you to be a respectable and interesting person. Wait until you find someone who appreciates you for just how you are, and don’t settle down with someone who is inconsistent about how they feel about you. Find someone who likes your spontaneous nature, and doesn’t question your loyalty. Be with someone who likes plans and reliability but also likes surprises once in a while.


If you’re an INTP personality, stay single until you find someone who views you as an interesting person, and who appreciates how loyal and dedicated you are to the relationships in your life. Find someone who wants to walk every path with you and wants to grow with you and learn with you. Find someone who isn’t afraid to break out of their shell and does everything possible to make your relationship as strong as possible.


If you’re an ISTP personality type, wait until you find someone who takes you for adventures and wants to explore everything with you. Be with the one who is independent and confident but still wants you by their side. Be with that person who can let go of how aloof you are, and appreciates and loves that little vulnerability that you have, and wants to be with you no matter what, no matter how you are.


If you’re an ENTJ personality type, be with the one who accepts how you can be competitive and aggressive at times, and takes it as a form of motivation. Find someone who loves how skilled you are, and wants to work with you as an equal partner and strives hard for your goals and wants you to be successful.


If you’re the ISTJ personality type, be with someone who takes relationships as seriously as you do. Be with someone who offers you the emotional stability that you need, and cares for you just as much as you do for them, without taking you for granted. Don’t be with someone who has an animated personality- you’ll just be an anchor for them when they want to run and fly off. Instead, be with someone who is as dependable as you are.


People of the ISFJ personality type- listen up! Don’t jump into a relationship. Wait and be with someone who knows how sensitive you are, and values your emotions and feelings. Be with someone who may have a lot of things to do everyday, but still feels coming home to you is their priority and it is something that they love. Don’t just settle for someone who views your support as clinginess. Instead, find and be with that person who is willing to accept that support and do the same for you.


If you’re from the ESTP personality type, be single until you come across a person who finds joy in exploring the world and is as adventurous as you are. Be with someone who knows that your behavior can be nonchalant, but still loves you and has a self-sacrificing personality. Be with someone who truly cares for you, and with someone who lets you fly free and doesn’t leave you feeling trapped and restrained when you are with them.


If you’re an ISFP personality type, find someone who knows you can be difficult to get to know, and still accepts you just as you are. Find someone who loves your artistic side and can be the biggest supporter you need. Be with someone who does want to see the real you, but doesn’t want to rush you out of your shell. They do it in a way that makes you want to do it.


If you’re the INFJ personality type, be with someone who doesn’t get scared by how intense you can be, and is infact, fascinated by it. Find that someone who challenges the way you think, and wants you to see the world from a different angle. Be with someone who is intensely committed to you and wants to be there in the long run. Find that someone who doesn’t take anything you say too lightly and infact, tries to understand you completely.



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