Pick The Door You Think Leads To Happiness And Find Out What It Says About You

Look at the doors below, each has their own unique characteristics and appeal, however the one that leads to happiness for you depends on who you are as a person. Pay close attention to the color, shape, and any other little details, then choose the one you think will bring you the most happiness after crossing the threshold.

Opening the BLUE door means the following:

You are a giver, rather than a taker. You are considered as the rescuer ad the helper whose success depends on the deep relationships you have with the small circle of friends you have. You prefer having a few people by your side, rather than opening your heart to everyone and ending up torn to pieces.

Choosing this door means that you are loyal, honest, and trustworthy! You prefer doing things quietly and making peace to confronting and fighting back. Your hide behind a tough exterior, but the truth is that you are loving person who longs for happiness and true love. Once you find what you are looking for, you will feel peace!

Opening the PURPLE door means the following:

Choosing the purple doors means that power and glory are of utmost importance for you. You are controlling, determined, solid-willed and free person who never sugar coats anything. This is why people often find you intimidating! Still, you are kind person who deserves true love and devotion. As for love life, you are pretty much the whole package! Mysterious, strong, seductive…

Regardless of the difficulty of a given situation, you need to stop for a second and look within to find the courage to move on. Once you find this courage and strength to keep going, you will feel peace.

Opening the RED door means the following:

Choosing this door reveals that you are energetic, animated, and quite a popular person! People are drawn to your wit, energy, positivity, and fun-loving personality. You are quite competitive and love to be respected and awarded for a job successfully done. Despite your aggressive nature, you are down to earth and understanding.

When it comes to your relationship with friends and family members, you are empowering, warm, and positive. You make a very sexy and above average lover! After all, red is the color of passion, power, and energy!

Opening the OWL door means the following:

Choosing the OWL door means that you are curious and indeed unique person. If you weren’t one, you wouldn’t choose the door with such as unique pattern, would you? You give off such a loving positivity, splendid energy, and spark of individuality and independence.

You have such a big heart and kind personality, so it is no wonder that your friends and family love you so much. Needless to say, you love and cherish them, too!

Those of the opposite sex feel attracted to you, which is not surprising, given your liveliness, kindness, beauty, and self-confidence. The owl is associated with a person who enjoys being the hero due to their selflessness, so you will be blessed with lavish life and fortune.


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