Ranking The Zodiac Signs From Nicest To Bitchiest


Librans are just too nice, and tend to put others happiness before their own. They are just as far away from bitchy as one can get, since they are big peacemakers at heart, and have a strong sense of equality and justice. If it is a fight, it will almost always never be a Libra, and if they are a part of one, they will always be found trying to end it. If you have a problem with a Libra, chances are, you’re the bitch.


Pisces are soft hearted, helpful and non combative. They too, hate fighting and all sorts of conflicts and meaningless gossip- basically they hate everything that most people tend to gossip and do when they are in large groups. If you try to start a fight with them, they will just turn and swim away like the sweet little fish that they are.


Taurus may be the sign of the bull, which may come off as dangerous and as someone who stampedes over everything in their path, but in reality, Taureans are extremely patient. They are sensitive to criticism but makes sure not to criticize others. They are also warm hearted and generous and have no issues sharing what they have, but remember not to cross them, because if you do, their inner bitch will emerge.


Aquarians are known for being kind and friendly, and they honestly have no time for bitchiness and backstabbing. They do not like people who are cruel and mean, but that doesn’t mean they’ll be your doormat. They are natural rebels and do not tolerate being mistreated. Don’t try to be mean to them. Just don’t.


Sagittarians tend to be impatient and restless, however, they rarely let it turn into aggression and hostility. They usually have their eyes on the prize, but it can be frustrating for them to live in a world that is unjust and cruel. Don’t act bitchy towards a Sagittarian because they may not grab you by your hair and start clawing out your eyes, but they’ll walk away from you.


Geminis are usually nice and outgoing, but on the downside, they tend to gossip a lot, which is definitely a bitch move. They have a tendency to spread rumors about others, regardless of whether it is true or false, and if you really want to see their bitchy side, confront them about the false rumors that they’ve been spreading. They will start bitching very loudly and will manage to grab the attention of everyone around them.


Cancerians can be both nice and bitchy- it really just depends on their mood, and frankly, Cancerians can be some of the most moody people in the zodiac. Catch them in a good mood and they’ll hug you and kiss you and compliment your hair, but catch them on a day when they’re down and there are dark clouds hovering over their head, just duck for cover.

8. LEO

Leos tend to be warm, friendly and forgiving, but don’t let that exterior make you think that they’re just a harmless kitten. Inside them is the heart of a lion and their biggest flaw is that once they are angered, they will say something so harsh that it will reduce you to tears and will have you curling up in a ball in the corner. It is best to be nice to them always.


Virgos may be incorrectly named, because they may be innocent virgins, but they’re super bitchy. When they get bitchy it is mostly never physical or verbal abuse. No. It is more of passive aggressive and critical bitchiness. They’ll wrap a few compliments for you, and one of them will be a carefully put insult.


Aries tend to be courageous, energetic, passionate and assertive, but that’s just a nice way of saying that they’re hyperactive, arrogant, impatient and yes, bitchy! Aries people may not be the bitchiest, but they try hard to be. All they need to do is tone themselves down and start their day with a teaspoon of humility.


Capricorn women are nothing less than ice queens. They may be patient, but once you have angered them, you’ll feel a cold mist descending upon you. They won’t smack you or scream at you, but they’ll gossip so much about you and spread a lot of stuff about you that you probably don’t want to be known for.


Scorpios are poisonously bitchy, and they’re one sign you don’t want to make angry, because if you do, they’ll plot a complete revenge plan with the coldness of a serial killer. Scorpios are distrustful, vengeful and combative, and yes, they can be nice if you don’t upset them, but if you do, don’t turn their back on them, because this scorpion can sting!


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